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Keep On Shinin’ — Scott Barnes “Body Bling Platinum” Moisturizing Shimmering Body Lotion


Two thing are often referenced when discussing Jennifer Lopez’s beauty: her caboose and her perpetually sunkissed skin, which seems to radiate from within. This luminosity even served as inspiration when naming her first best-selling fragrance, Glow. And while J.Lo may love to sunbathe atop a yacht like she did in her “Jenny From the Block” video (well, with Marc Anthony rather than Ben Affleck, that is), a woman who slathers her body in Creme de la Mer knows better than to spend too much uninterrupted time in the sun (premature aging, anyone?). And with two kids to raise, a fragrance empire, an acting career, and another album en route, how would La Lopez even make the time for consistent beach escapades? Bottom line: that glow does radiate from within — it radiates from within a bottle of Scott Barnes Body Bling.

Though the celebrity makeup artist has worked with countless stars including Beyoncé and Gwyneth Paltrow, it was the look he created for J.Lo that really boosted him to the status of global beauty influencer. At the height of her career, Lopez stunned beauty mavens with her signature look, masterminded by Barnes: sultry golden skin and creamy, nude lips. Beauty hounds yearned to decipher and deconstruct the look, wondering how Barnes had succeeded in making this shimmering skin appear so natural, how he made Lopez look as if she harbored some mystic light source within her body that oozed out of her pores. If J.Lo was the sun, beauty hounds were planets entering her orbit, hoping to get a closer look. Scott Barnes, however, held the secret to the sun’s radiance.

Lucky for us, Barnes decided to help every woman attain a J.Lo-esque glow with the release of his Body Bling moisturizing shimmer lotion. Now, the famous luminizer has been re-released in both its Original form and a new Platinum edition.

I checked out the Scott Barnes Body Bling Platinum and felt like Foxxy Cleopatra (Beyoncé’s character in Austin Powers In Goldmember). This isn’t a self-tanner, so it won’t tint your skin beyond the surface level. That being said, along with Prtty Peaushun, it’s the most magnificent body makeup I’ve ever tried. The lightweight, ultra fluid lotion has this pale copper color when first applied and, as you smooth it over your limbs, it turns into this beautiful, champagne-meets-rose-gold hue saturated with tiny golden and opalescent pink glitter particles. Your skin looks flushed and yet sun-kissed at the same time, like the perfect combination between a rosy afterglow and a post-beach, bronzed luminosity. The high concentration of glitter microparticles, however, are what make the Scott Barnes Body Bling so superb. When you go out in the sun, those particles will reflect every beam of light, especially as you move, and leave you bling blingin’ brighter than Paul Wall’s grill and Lil Jon’s pimp cup.

Now, the Body Bling isn’t waterproof and it can potentially stain clothes, so I’d suggest using it mainly on arms and legs and double-checking the forecast before doing so. But if the skies are clear, this is the best way to shine with as much sophistication as a golden statuette.

Scott Barnes Body Bling Platinum, $38. Available at ScottBarnes.com




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