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Light Up Your Life With Some Elva Fields Summer 2010 Pieces

Elva-fields-shut-the-front-door-necklace Elva-fields-semi-formal-necklace





Jewelry designer Emily Wheat Maynard's Elva Fields line features vintage-inspired pieces that feel like anything but old news. For Summe 2010, Maynard continues to entice us with her combination of multi-strand beads adorned with  broches, pins, and clip earrings found at vintage shops and flea markets. The pieces are one-of-a-kind, and they're selling out faster than Mister Softee ice cream cones outside a toddler summer camp, but pictured above are some of the most stunning necklaces that you can still purchase online.

My absolute favorite piece is the "Shut The Front Door" necklace, pictured at top, which features three strands of mini gumball-sized, olive green beads with a lustrous sheen, adorned with four vintage clip earrings and a brooch by Sarah Coventry — all featuring jellybean-shaped, pale pink cabochon stones, tiny white faux pearls, and teardrop-shaped olive green rhinestones, all clustered in the center of intricate, rounded, almost floral-like golden metal mesh. Sewn by hand with brass wire, this cluster of gems spans nearly four inches.

Second above, you'll find the "Semi-Formal" necklace, which features a vintage floral brooch and earring set dating back to the 1950s, juxtaposed against two strands of glass beads. When sewn together, the vintage gems create a corsage-like shape. Kelly green stones in oblong shapes fan out to create floral shapes with iridescent blue rhinestones at their center. These floral motifs are then accentuated by a ridge of stacked, teardrop-shaped clear stones and a line of round blue stones.

Another standout is the "A Grand Tour" necklace (pictured fourth from top), with features three strands of round black beads adorned with vintage, cameo-shaped brooches from Italy stamped with floral motifs and framed with crochet-like embellishments. Though the brooches originate from Italy, I think the necklace has a festive, Barcelona-ready, flamenco-ish feel. Nevetheless, it is certainy a tour de force.

And, for more of a Boho feel, check out the "Pink Plumage" necklace (third from top) which includes elongated, oval, pink lucite beads adorned with a set of '50s plastic earrings with a trio of feathers in colors like petal pink, peach, and mauvish brown.


Elva Fields "Shut The Front Door" necklace, $348; Elva Fields "Semi-Formal" necklace, $318; Elva Fields "Pink Plumage" necklace, $182; and Elva Fields "A Grand Tour" necklace, $338. All available at ElvaFields.com


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