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MAC Alice + Olivia Collection — Hip + Happy?


When I first heard that fashion label Alice + Olivia had teamed up with MAC Cosmetics to create a limited-edition makeup collection, my eyes widened all the way to Bambi status. Known for her downtown-chic aesthetic and her party-ready frocks (which often feature metallic fabrics, sequin details, chain embellishments, and other eye-catching details), Alice + Olivia designer Stacey Bendet has always shown an appreciation for vivid colors and interesting textures, which I figured would be translated into the MAC Alice + Olivia collection.

At first glance, the collection seemed like a perfect manifestation of the A+O aesthetic — from the bright color schemes (for instance, a Peeps yellow Dazzleglass Creme, fittingly dubbed I.Want.Candy) to the matte black nail polish “Mlitary,” which features embedded glitter particles that give the lacquer an asphalt-like feel.

Unfortunately, I was disappointed how most of these products performed — particularly the nail lacquers, which chipped with reckless abandon. The saving grace for me was the selection of Dazzleglass Creme lip glosses which were perky, fun, and flirty — like the A + O girl herself.



Mac-Alice-andOlivia-Dazzleglass-Sparklicious Mac-dazzleglass-iwantcandy Mac-Alice-and-Olivia-Dazzleglass-If-Its-Pink

These yummy lip gloss shades capture the fun-loving spirit of the Alice + Olivia brand, while also giving makeup hounds something to sate their voracious appetites. The MAC Alice + Olivia collection features three Dazzleglass Creme shades: “Sparklicious,” an ultra pale silvery peachy pink color saturated with silver pearl particles; “I.Want.Candy,” a bright, near-fluorescent yellow hue with a bit of sparkle; and “If It’s Pink,” a shimmering, Jem-worthy hot pink.

To my surprise, I was most infatuated with the “I.Want.Candy” Dazzleglass Creme. I figured the Peeps-ready color would look ridiculous on my pout (especially for day-to-day use), but it didn’t: when juxtaposed against lips’ natural pink hue, the electric yellow looked more like a yummy, golden peach shade.

Pictured below, you’ll find swatches of “Sparklicious” (below, at top), “If It’s Pink” (below, at center), and I.Want.Candy” (below, last):



Here’s another view of the “I.Want.Candy” (below, at left), “If It’s Pink” (below, at center), and “Sparklicious” (below, at right) shades:


MAC Alice + Olivia Dazzleglass Creme, $18 each. Available at AliceAndOlivia.com




Admittedy, I’m not the biggest fan of pigments — the color payoff tends to be great, but the messiness factor aggravates me. That being said, I’ve learned a few tricks to minimize the mess and take advantage of the fluidity of pigments. The three shades in the MAC Alice + Olivia collection are: “Later,” a dusty black color with a few scattered pearl particles to add a hint of shimmer; “If It Sparkles…,” a slightly moist, extremely soft pigment in a milky white color, with pink pearl particles that give the whole thing an opalescent feel; and “Partylicious,” a vivid turquoise with a hint of silver pearl particles.

The pigment shades aren’t revolutionary in their originality, but they do manage the color palette of the Alice + Olivia Spring/Summer collection, with the “Later” hue reflecting the spirit of the edgy A + O Jem Metallic Rouched Bottom Dress, and the “If It Sparkles…” pigment mirroring the feel of the A + O Metallic Cady Cuff Shorts.

Here’s what the pigments look like on skin:



Here’s another view of the “If It Sparkles…” (below, at top), Partylicious (below, at center), and Later (below, at bottom) pigment swatches:


MAC Alice + Olivia Pigment, $19.50 each. Available at AliceAndOlivia.com




These were the biggest disappointment for me. Sure, the colors look funky and playful in their packaging, but you’ll be cursing them out in your head within a day, when they start chipping on you. It actually took me three tries just to apply and properly photograph the “Miltary” color (the matte black shade with silver glitter-like particles). If I took a shower or washed even two dishes, a nail would chip and I’d have to start all over again. You’d think I was scrubbing with a Brillo pad! Granted, it looked cool on my nails, but the upkeep was just too much.

The two other lacquers — “So Rich So Pretty,” a metallic purple, and “Morning.After”, a creamy dark teal — had a longer life span, but the colors weren’t particularly distinctive or innovative. The “So Rich So Pretty” reminded me of so many other purple lacquers I’ve swatched over the years (starting with a Borghese shade I’ve had for over a year), that the whole experience felt like a Snoozefest. And with a color like purple, the last thing you want to feel is boredom.


Here’s what the “Military” nail lacquer looks like on nails:




And here’s what “So Rich So Pretty” looks like on nails:




MAC Alice + Olivia Nail Lacquer, $12 each. Available at AliceAndOlivia.com

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