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New Melody Ehsani Jewelry — From Star Wars References To Fighter Planes, Arrow Shapes, And Butterfly Wings







Streetwear brands are a dime a dozen these days, and that goes double for jewelry designers — but, as with all things in the universe, the cream tends to rise to the top (hey, it's a cliché for a reason, right?). Among those who have managed to stand out among the fray, you'll find Los Angeles-bred Persian footwear and jewelry designer Melody Ehsani, whose often flashy pieces are infused with a fearless and slightly gregarious attitude, not to mention a bit of hip-hop braggadocio. Materials like bright acrylics, colorful Swarovski crystal stones, silver chain links, and laser-cut plastic all pop up in her pieces, and the design motifs range from comic strip-worthy (such as her much revered "Pow" bamboo earrings and her "Lightning Bolt" three-finger ring, shaped like one of Thor's weapons) to Egyptian-meets-breakdancer chic (as with her disc-shaped, mirrored "Eye See You Earrings," which feature the Eye of Horus symbol).

For Fall 2010, Ehsani crafted yet another must-see collection filled with pieces that strike the perfect balance between kitschy and funky. In keeping with her design aesthetic, the pieces have an irreverent, envelope-pushing feel, fusing traditional Middle Eastern themes with sci-fi and pop culture references.

Pictured here are some of my favorite pieces. First, you'll find the stunning, gotta-have-'em-now Butterfly Swarovski Earrings (shown at top). Each earring is shaped like one half of a butterfly, with banded Swarovski crystals covering the forewing and hindwing, representing the insect's scales.The slim forewing section stretches toward the back of the head, at the bottom of the lobe in a near horizontal fashion, while the hindwing section curves downward and features cascading strands of blue Sarovski crystals dangling from the bottom ridge. For a more old-school hip-hop feel, check out the large Stackables 2 Finger Ring (featured below), a lilac acrylic number with  round, light purple, faceted Swarovski crystals lining the exterior. Or opt for a slightly more rock-flavored piece such as the Chainlink 2 Finger Swarovski Ring (featured in the third photo from top), a translucent acrylic piece with a chunky, twisted metal chain all along its perimeter and tiny Swarovski embedded within the chain links and lining the bottom and top ridges of the ring.

Sci-fi fanatics will appreciate the quirky, Battlestar G Necklace (pictured last above), a Stormtroopers-inspired bib necklace with a thick, rounded V shape, silver metal stripe details, and two round, oversize, laser-style Swarovski crystals along the front with a prism-like, Tron-worthy effect. The Airme 2 Finger Swarovski Ring, meanwhile, could be a nod to Firefox, with its fighter plane charm, which features gold Swarovski studs along the wings and tail.

Whether you're a homegirl from outer space, an exotic tropical vixen, or just a fiend for all things fresh, Melody Ehsani's Fall 2010 collection will offer you something to make you feel powerful and oh so fly.

Pictured above: Melody Ehsani The Butterfly Swarovski Earrings, $122; The Chainlink 2 Finger Swarovski Ring, $82; and The Battlestar G Necklace, $122. All available at Karmaloop.com

Pictured below: Melody Ehsani The Stackables 2 Finger Large Swarovski Ring, $46; The Arrow Necklace, $56; and The Airme 2 Finger Swarovski Ring, $62. All available at Karmaloop.com







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