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Sharing Is Caring — SCOSHA Celebrates Friendship Month


Did you know August 1st was National Friendship Day? True story. The obscure holiday is celebrated yearly on the first Sunday in August. And lucky for all of us, the folks at Scosha NYC decided one day simply didn’t suffice to celebrate the joys of amistad, so they anointed August Friendship Month. And, of course, they moved beyond rhetoric, offering shoppers a way honor their BFFs through a stylish token of appreciation.

Through the month of August. when you purchase a friendship bracelet at Scosha.com, the company will ship a second bracelet to your favorite homie. How cute is that?

Scosha offers quite a few types of friendship bracelets: we’re talking two-toned, ultra thin, braided nylon pieces with gold peace sign charms, miniature leaf charms, silver keyholes, and other dainty adornments; twisted silk fly line strands with hammered beads, tiny golden medals with turquoise stones, and gold plated beads; and thicker hand woven bracelets with crystal stones, engraved square charms, and Boho-favored crescent moon charms.

It’s like a grow-up version of the friendship bracelet trading ritual of our schoolgirl days, when we’d sit around braiding strands of colorful thread to create the perfect pattern and then present the finished piece to our favorite girlfriends, vowing to wear matching pieces in honor of our friendships. Now, think about how long it’s been since you expressed such a pure sentiment to one of your nearest and dearest. Isn’t it about time to do so?

Check out the full selection of friendship bracelets at Scosha.com

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