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What’s Old Is New Again With Cinzia Designs’ Redeux Collection

Cinzia-Designs-Rapture-Sunglasses-Brown-Cream Cinzia-Designs-Rapture-Black-Crystal



Three years ago, Houston, Texas-bred fashion stylist Lindsey Reisack landed a job as a receptionist at Phoenix, Arizona-based eyewear and accessories company Cinzia Designs. Having recently wrapped a film styling gig, she needed a temporary position to bring in some income and was naturally drawn to a company in the fashion industry. Her styling expertise and business acumen allowed her to quickly rise through the ranks: Reisack is currently the Public Relations Coordinator and In-house Stylist at Cinzia Designs. Even better, she managed to channel her talents in her new professional home, helping customers find the right frames to fit their face shapes and style sensibilities and even venturing into product design. She soon formed a friendship with co-worker Megan Brown, a Los Angeles native who had moved to Phoenix two years prior to Reisack and joined the Cinzia Designs’ product development team. Brown and Reisack soon discovered they shared a love of vintage sunglasses, and they thought they could introduce a line that reflected this passion into the Cinzia Designs roster.

“We both have been collecting vintage sunglasses for years, and we thought it would be interesting to introduce a younger, edgier line of sunglasses to Cinzia,” says Reisack. “We wanted to design a modern line of vintage-inspired sunglasses. It was a gamble, but our boss gave us her full support and let us do our thing!” Thus, only a year into her tenure at Cinzia, Reisack began designing the Redeux Collection of sunglasses alongside Megan Brown.

The quirky, colorful collection — quite possibly the best Cinzia collection to date —includes five key styles that draw from ’70s and ’80s influences, while adding contemporary touches.

The Rapture frames (pictured at top) feature an angular, bold top rim that feels like a mix between vintage horn-rimmed glasses and cat’s eye shades, with lenses in an almost trapeze-like shape. By juxtaposing interesting colors and materials, Reisack and Brown managed to infuse a dose of modernity into the shades. We’re particularly smitten with the Brown/Pearl Rapture shades, which feature a marble-like white pearl frame with a brown snakeskin-like trim along the arms and top rims.

Another standout style in the collection is the Year ot the Cat (pictured third and fourth from top), which subvert the traditional cat eye sunglasses shape, softening the hard lines with rounder, more bulbous lenses and vibrant pops of color. The Tortoise/Olive color combination is particularly swoon-worthy.

Pictured below, you’ll also find the fun-loving Abracadabra sunglasses, with their multi-color striped details and thin, oversize frames, as well as the two-toned Cult Classic shades and the bold, geometric Venus Flytrap shades. Check them out after the jump!


Cinzia-Designs-Abracadabra-Black-Sunglasses Cinzia-DEsigns-Abracadabra-Purple-sunglasses







Cinzia Designs Redeux Collection Sunglasses, $150 each. Available at CinziaDesigns.com

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