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Champagne Eyes, Bronzed Cheeks, And Remixed Fishbraids At Edition George Chakra SS11










Celebrity hair stylist Leon Torman, key stylist for Cutler/Redken at the Edition George Chakra Spring 2011 show, looked to the girls in Robert Palmer’s videos (i.e. “Simply Irresistible”) as inspiration when creating the day’s looks, which were designed to keep the opulent, luxurious feel of Chakra’s pieces at the forefront. Glamour and sophistication were interpreted in a more subdued manner through the hairstyles created, so as to avoid any chance of usurping the viewer’s  attention.

From the front, the models appeared to have perfectly slicked back hair, as Torman applied tons of Redken gel to the front, sides and crown regions. But there was an element of surprise along the back, where Torman opted to create a different texture altogether, working hair into a fishbraid and then shaking it loose and roughening it up to give it a lived-in feel  (as pictured above, fourth from top).

Not only did the textured fishbraids add an unexpected twist, but they winked to Chakra’s collection, which consisted of breathtaking, red carpet-ready pieces accented by clever ribbed details, criss-crossed straps, and overlapping strands creating delicious geometric shapes. Check out the video above to hear Torman himself describe the look and watch him at work.

On the makeup front, Terry Barber commandeered the MAC Cosmettics team. Barber cited Pirelli calendars from the 1980s era as an inspiration — in those photographs, beautiful women with glowing, bronzed skin and demure but makeup were shot at exotic locations, from tropical islands to desert landscapes, hence creating visual compositions that elicited fantasy.

Barber focused on accentuating models’ features and making them look fuller, larger, and more sumptuous, sticking to a champagne and shimmering beige palette so as to complement the feel of Chakra’s collection.  Amber bronzer was applied to the cheeks in a “C” formation, stretching from the brow ends along the temples, cheekbones and onto the apples of the cheeks. For the eyes, Barber relied mainly on the new MAC Champare eyeshadow quad (set for a Spring 2011 release), consisting of a soft metallic khaki and champagne gold hue, along with a dusty nude rose and eggshell beige hue. Barber utilized the champagne hue along the lids, adding a touch of the khaki hue along the crease and outer corners to widen te eyes. Finally, he used a new lip product on models’ pouts: MAC’s Kissable Lip, a liquid lipstick-like product set to debut next year.

Check out more backstage photos after the jump, get a closer look at the new eyeshadow quad (which Karla Sugar and I were obsessing over!) and see more finished looks!











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