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Enter The Jewelry Birdcage With Skinny’s Peacock Rings



Did you know that, when peacocks show off their feathers, their goal is to attract would-be mates? Interesting, no? Those moments when peacocks or peahens fan out their iridescent plumage basically amount to avian foreplay. But don't smirk just yet — if you think about it, that avian ritual isn't too much of a stretch from what humans do: we, too, like to play up our assets and flaunt them whenever possible, often in hopes of snagging a companion. And, while we can't entice onlookers with captivating plumage, we can have them marvel at our dainty hands, our top-notch manicures, and our chic sense of style by slipping on one of these new Skinny peacock rings. Call it an ode to "fowl" play.

The Skinny peacock rings are available in colors like black, midnight blue (our absolute favorite), sky blue, burgundy (another fave), and ivory. Each ring boasts a domed shape and features an enamel center, with  gold-plated feather-like slithers with elliptical shapes and slightly pointed edges framing that center to create a starburst-like shape and then extending along the sides of the ring. Each feather-like strip features two vertical rows of faceted, colored rhinestones in a shade corresponding to the center stone.

At under $100 each, you can slip on a ring and become a showstopping Lady Peacock without having to break the bank. Want more close-up shots? Check them out after the jump.






Skinny Peacock Rings, $95 each. Available at SkinnyStyle.com

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