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Green Room Thursdays — Juicy Couture’s Choose Green Collection



Seeing red is so five years ago — in 2010, it’s all about seeing green. That’s why, for Fall 2010, Juicy Couture is quite literally offering customers a more eco-friendly point-of-view with its “Choose Green” collection of sunglasses. Each of the frames in the three-style collection was manufactured using a bio-plastic derived from castor beans (as opposed to the traditional petroleum-based plastics) and includes bamboo, a plentiful and renewable source, along the temple and/or arms.

The Choose Green collection consists of these styles: “Jasmine” (pictured above in Raspberry Pink), with its squared oval frames, which are made entirely of bio-plastic and are adorned with the Juicy Couture stamp logo in bamboo along the temples; “Fern” (pictured above in Tortoise), which boasts a streamlined, rectangular shape and features the Juicy Couture logo in a Gothic lettering style on a bamboo treatment along the temples; and “Peony” (pictured above at center, in Tortoise), a hipster-ready, demure cat-eye frame with bio-plastic along the front and bamboo along the arms (the temple of which features the Juicy Couture logo in a small, unobtrusive font).

All of the shades in the Choose Green collection are packaged in an organic canvas pouch printed with soy ink featuring a whimsical, slightly retro, cloud-like pattern with the words “Seeing Green” in big block letters juxtaposed above these pastel-colored swirls. A hangtag printed on recycled paper and featuring the words “Choose Green” is attached to each pouch via a moss-colored strand of thread.

Below, you’ll find more photos of the “Peony,” our favorite style in the Choose Green collection, along with credit details for all of these! Ready to green your gaze?







Juicy Couture “Peony” sunglasses, $135; Juicy Couture “Jasmine” sunglasses, $98; and Juicy Couture “Fern” sunglasses, $135. Available this fall at Juicy Couture boutiques and Solstice Stores.

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