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Hands-On With Lady Gaga — Get To Know Deborah Lippmann’s “Waking Up In Vegas” And “Bad Romance” Nail Lacquers


With a curtain of platinum blond hair covering her bosom and flowing well below her waist, her neck adorned with a diamond-encrusted choker, and her eyelids dusted with a silvery white hue, a nude Lady Gaga strikes a sultry, Lady Godiva-esque but somehow still adequately bizarre pose on the cover of Vanity Fair‘s September 2010 issue. In the absence of any theatrical apparel, the onlooker’s gaze inevitably zooms in on Lady Gaga’s hands, her pointer and middle fingers stretched out to form a peace sign, and her ring, pinkie and thumb curled and contorted so that they’re touching. It’s on those fingers that beauty hounds will find a hidden gem: a creamy, clay-like gray nail lacquer color. The hue, DeborahLippmann.com‘s “Waking Up in Vegas” (pictured second above), was the celebrity manicurist’s shade of choice when styling Gaga’s nails for the cover shoot, which was itself set against a moody gray backdrop.

Now that the iconic image has been circulated all over the world, the “Waking Up In Vegas” shade has become synonymous with Lady Gaga cool. But, truth be told, there’s another shade in Deborah Lippmann’s arsenal that more accurately captures Gaga’s eccentric but fascinating style: the aptly named “Bad Romance.” Developed as a tribute to the pop icon, “Bad Romance”  is a black polish saturated with metallic, fuchsia-tinged purple glitter and sequins. The result is a vampy, decadent shade unlike any you’ve ever seen.

Check out swatches after the jump! And trust: these will have you going ga-ga.




Below, you’ll find photos of what Waking Up In Vegas looks like on fingernails:




And here’s what Bad Romance looks like on my nails:





Deborah Lippmann Waking Up In Vegas and Bad Romance nail lacquers, $18 each. Available at DeborahLippmann.com

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