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M. Sturman End Of Summer Sale — Get Half Off Your Jewelry Purchase





Feeling a little misty-eyed about summer coming to a close? Then dry those puppy dog eyes by heading on over to the M. Sturman End of Summer Sale, featuring over 30 different jewelry pieces at 50% off their original retail price. See, when one season ends, a new sale begins — which is basically my shopaholic version of “When God closes a door, he opens a window.” And, in this case, the sale is mmm, mmm good!

Pictured here are some of my favorite sale pieces. At top, you’ll find the Double Strand Crocheted Necklace, which features handwoven arrow-like triangular shapes made of clustered beads at each end, with two twisted, rope-like strands of crystal pearls, 24k gold plated beads, and Swarovski Crystallized Elements bicones dangling along the center. Typically valued at $550, the necklace is currently priced at $275.

Second, you’ll find an image of the M. Sturman Art Deco Necklaces, which feature crocheted lucite beads hailing  from the Art Deco era (the grayish green and white color scheme is particularly lovely). Each of the necklaces is now prices at $125 (from $250).

Want to see what other pieces you could get your hands on? Check out some other finds after the jump, including the feminine, resort-ready Collar Necklace of Shell Pearls with Fringe and my personal favorite: the M. Sturman Tourmaline Bracelet, which features pstel pink and green semi-precious stones woven around stalactite-shaped tourmaline slithers.





M. Sturman Double Strand Crocheted Necklace, $275; M. Sturman Art Deco Necklaces, $125; M. Sturman Collar Necklace Of Shell Pearls With Fringe, $175; and M. Sturman Tourmaline Bracelet, $175. Available at MSturman.com


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