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MAC Dare To Wear Collection — Bold And Beautiful


Inspired by Lady Gaga‘s fearless, experimental approach to style and beauty, the new MAC Dare to Wear collection urges customers to unleash their inner vixens, whipping through a technicolor palette worthy of a Warhol lithograph. Consisting of twelve vibrant eyeshadow shades and six shimmer-packed lipglass colors, the Dare to Wear collection will allow you to create a kaleidoscope-ready look that is as avant-garde as it is fabulous — just like Gaga herself.

Here’s a video of me discussing the collection:

Check out the products in the collection after the jump, as well as swatches of various shades and looks created using them!






Twelve eyeshadow shades comprise the Dare to Wear collection, with the majority having a matte finish, making them much easier to blend, layer, and sculpt. The matte shades include: “Louder, Please,” a bright fuchsia; “Free to Be,” a coral hue; “Lime,” an almost neon green; “Sassy Grass,” a bright forest green; “Aqua,” a grayish blue; “Winkle,” a cornflower blue; “Zingy,” a vivid turquoise; “Atlantic Blue,” a violet-tinged ocean blue; and “Shock-A-Holic, a dusky eggplant purple. The two frost shades in the collection, meanwhile, are “Going Bananas,” a resplendent, Bananarama-worthy lemon drop hue, and “Sky Blue,” a shimmering Robin’s egg blue. For maximum sheen, meanwhile, there’s one Veluxe Pearl shadow: “Crazy Cool,” a soft, cool lavender shade.

I had the chance to try the “Crazy Cool,” “Shock-A-Holic,” and “Going Bananas” shade, and it’s been a bad romance ever since — bad meaning good, that is!

Below, you’ll find swatches of (from left to right) Shock-A-Holic, Going Bananas and Crazy Cool:



Here’s another view of the Crazy Cool, Going Bananas and Shock-A-Holic eyeshadows:



Next, check out a look I created with the three shadows pictured above.

I started by brushing the Crazy Cool color on my lids and along the crease. Next, I applied the Going Bananas to the center of the lid, making sure to create an almost rectangular block of color along the very middle of each lid. Next, I applied the Shock-A-Holic color to the outer corners of the eyes, moving the pigment towards the crease to create a “V” shape along the outer corners. Next, I once again reached for the Crazy Cool color in order to blend with the Going Bananas color i the middle of the lids, creating a gradient effect as opposed to a jarring division of color, and also sweeping a new layer along the crease to blend with the Shock-A-Holic color in the outer corners.

Take a look:



Here’s the look from a different angle:





The Dare to Wear collection includes six punchy shades: Dare to Dare, a blue-toned light pink reminiscent of a wad of Bubblicious gum; Bold & Brash, a Gwen Stefani-worthy red; Ban This!, a Cheshire cat purple with pink undertones; Gimme That!, a punk-flavored, Avril Lavigne-worthy fuchsia; So Bad, a resort-ready coral orange; and Wind Me Up, a dirty bronze hue. All the colors are packed with miniature pearls for a bold dose of shimmer, but the microscopic, light-reflecting bits seem to be much smaller than in other shimmering MAC glosses (such as the Dazzleglass range).

In terms of texture, I actually prefer the Dare to Wear Lipglass glosses to the Dazzleglass glosses since these aren’t as heavy or sticky. The Dare to Wear Lipglass pigments have a gel-like consistency that’s rather lightweight, so there’s none of that uncomfortable tackiness. In the past, I’ve been frustrated when I’ve worn a bright Dazzleglass shade, smacked my lips, and then looked in the mirror only to realize that almost all the color was now concentrated on one area of my mouth (like my bottom lip, for example). With the Dare to Wear Lipglass colors, I could pucker up, smack my lips, whistle, smile and blow kisses without my color running and smearing all over the place.

I had the chance to try three shades: Ban This!, Gimme That!, and Dare to Dare, so make sure to check out the photos below for a closer look at those!

Below, from top to bottom, you’ll find swatches of the Dare to Wear Lipglass in Dare to Dare, Ban This! and Gimme That:



Check out (below, from left to right) the Dare to Wear Lipglass in Gimme That!, Ban This!, and Dare To Dare:


Here’s what the Dare to Dare Lipglass looks like on my pout:


MAC Dare to Wear Lipglass lip glosses, $18 each, and MAC Dare to Wear eyeshadows, $14.50 each. Available at MACcosmetics.com


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