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MAC Digi-Dazzle Collection — Makeup For The Digital Era



MAC seems to have been bitten by the computer love bug. An ode to the digital era,  MAC Cosmetics’ Digi-Dazzle collection captures colors so intense they belong in a CGI production, with your lips functioning as the Blu-Ray players, bringing these works of art to life. The thirteen Dazzle lipsticks in the collection are laden with shimmering particles for a pixel-like effect.

The electrifying shades, pictured below, range from Smash Hit, a pearlescent beige, to Glaringly Hip, a light peach color and Hot Sass, a Sunkist orange color. Other shades include: Liquid Lurex, a dirty antique gold shade; Sweet Bits, a lavender-tinged tulip pink; Win-Win, a rosy pink; Naughty You, a neon pink with golden tones; Troublemaker, a bright magenta; Hellraiser, a pale lavender; Baby’s On Fire, a deep red; Infused With Glam, a copper brown; Snazzy, a deep plum; and Wham, a plum brow.

Keep reading for more photos and swatches!

Here’s a closer look at all the lipstick shades available in the collection:

 Baby’s On Fire, Glaringly Hip, Hellraiser, and Hot Sass:



Infused with Glam, Liquid Lurex, Naughty You, and Smash Hit:



Win-Win, Wham, Snazzy, Sweet Bits, and Troublemaker:



Pictured below are the two Digi Dazzle lipsticks I had the pleasure of testing: Hellraiser (below, at left) and Naughty You (below, at right)



I had the chance to taste the Hellraiser and Naughty You Dazzle lipsticks. Since they’re so saturated with glittery particles, their tones transform depending on how the light hits your lips.

The Digi-Dazzle Hellraiser lipstick is a cool, sheer lavender shade with light taupe tones, as well as silver pearl particles. In low lighting, the shade looks like a gray-ish lavender purple but, in the light, the color transforms into a mauve-tinged nude. When it’s directly in the light, the shimmer reigns supreme, creating a pink pearl feel.

The Dazzle lipstick in Naughty You, meanwhile, is a hot pink with warm, salmon-like undertones and loads of fuchsia pearl particles. Again here, the shade goes on rather sheer, and its intensity varies depending on the lighting scenario. When it’s directly hit by the sun, it’s more electrifying than a lightning bolt, with the type of intensity associated with flamingo and magenta pink fireworks displays.

You should be forewarned, however, that the glitter in these lipsticks tends to linger long after the color has faded, which can be a bit inconvenient. It will, however, help you mark your territory when you kiss that special someone (hee hee!).

Check out swatches of the Hellraiser and Naughty You Dazzle lipsticks:







Take a look at what the Naughty You shade looks like on lips:




And here’s how the Hellraiser looks on lips:




MAC Cosmetics Digi-Dazzle lipsticks, $14.50 each. Available at MACcosmetics.com



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