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O’Clock Watches –They’ll Make You Go, “Oh Me, Oh My!”



New timepiece line O’Clock offers more flavors than a jumbo bag of Skittles, with 15 funky colors available (just one short of a 16-piece Crayola crayon box). Manufactured in Milan, Italy, these water-resistant watches feature silicon bands in eye-catching colors like key lime green, icing-ready light blue, and Cheetos-ready orange — all contrasted by their perfectly round white faces which, in turn, feature white hour and minute hands for an added dose of modernity.

The O’Clock watches are available in three sizes — small (measuring 3″ in diameter), medium (measuring 3.5″ in diameter), and large (measuring 3.9″ in diameter) — so you can take into account your wrist size and your personal preference in terms of overall heftiness.

And how’s this for an extra dose of cool: the O’Clock watches are packaged in tin cans with pop tabs, like what you’d find on old-school sardine or tuna cans (minus the fishy smell, of course!)

O’Clock watches, $36 each. Available at OClock-USA.com

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