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Olavie Le Vin Chardonnay Antioxidant Sugar Body Scrub — Finding Polish In The Winery



As soon as you twist off the silver cap of the Olavie Le Vin Chardonnay Antioxidant Sugar Scrub, you’ll feel slightly inebriated — that’s how deliciously potent the Chardonnay scent is. As I scooped some of the sugar scrub out of its container, working it onto my skin in gentle circular motions, I imagined I was walking through the Montrachet Grand Cru vineyard in the Côte de Beaune region of Burgundy, France, harvesting the ripened green grapes in preparation for the fermentation process. My fertile imagination even transported me to that scene in A Walk In The Clouds where the women hike up their skirts and stomp barefoot inside a vat of grapes, crushing them with their feet while dancing and giggling. If you love Chardonnay, this scrub will prove to be an olfactory fantasy (and will likely inspire you to visit your local wine store).

The scrub feels gentle on the skin, featuring an applesauce-like consistency but including tiny sugar particles to successfully exfoliate. Aside from sugar, which works to exfoliate but also boasts moisture retention properties, the Olavie Le Vin Chardonnay Antioxidant Sugar Scrub features moisturizing and smoothing grapeseed, sweet almond, jojoba, avocado, olive and safflower oils. Plus, of course the Chardonnay grapeseed extract is loaded with antioxidants (specifically flavonoids) that protect the skin from free radicals.

Like many sugar-based scrubs, this one leaves a moisturizing, oily veil that coats the skin (the result of the six aforementioned essential oils in the formula). It’s an issue of personal preference, but I find the balminess of this oil residue a bit unpleasant so, to counteract it, I make sure to cleanse thoroughly with a shower gel after exfoliating. By doing so, I manage to eliminate some of that oiliness, but I still benefit from the skin-loving ingredients in the scrub’s formula. The only drawback of having to do this: the shower gel ends up disguising that fresh, fruity Chardonnay smell I find so intoxicating.

Maybe it’s time to invest in the Olavie Le Vin Chardonnay Antioxidant Shower & Bath Gel? Yes, I think so!



Olavie Le Vin Chardonnay Antioxidant Sugar Body Scrub, $31.50. Available at Olavie.com

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