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Periwinkle Blue Eyes And Static-Ridden Top Knots At ADAM Spring 2011






To complement the ’70s, free-spirited but classic vibe of the ADAM Spring 2011 collection, the hair and makeup teams opted for a fresh, lived-in look: soft blue lids, neutral lips, and a static-y top knot ‘do.

Blue eyeshadow was, of course, a huge trend in disco’s golden age but key makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics Romy Soleimani opted for a softer interpretation of the look, bypassing the ABBA-esque cobalt blues in favor of a periwinkle blue shade. To create the look, Soleimani used all cream colors, letting them feel lived-in so that, if the makeup creased, there were no touch-ups done. On the cheeks, she applied the Derailed Creme Shadow (new for 2011), applying it slightly below the cheekbone and ever so lightly to create a stain-like effect. Lips were also kept muted with the creamy, flesh-toned Derailed cream shadow. The shade of blue used on lids, meanwhile, was a custom creation — Soleimani started out by using the sky blue hue in the MAC Light Bright eyeshadow quad (set for a 2011 release) and mixed it with the MAC Chromagramaphic Pencils in Marine Ultra, Pure White and Black Black. The resulting hue was reminiscent of a light denim wash — an appropriate color given that bell-bottom jeans, all the rage in the ’70s, typically had that faded, very pale blue hue during that era. To finish the eyes, she applied a hint of mascara. While explaining the look (check out the video above to hear her in-depth explanation), Soleimani stressed the need to have a light touch when applying the products used in order to keep the look dewy and refined.

In terms of hair, Rudi Lewis led the Bumble and Bumble team backstage. The simple, laid-back look consisted of a deliberately messy top knot with a static-y texture throughout the back of the head that wasn’t quite I-stuck-my-tongue-in-an-electric socket, but instead was reminiscent of how someone’s ‘do would look after having tossed and turned in the sheets, possibly after a snuggling session with a beau. To create the look, Lewis prepped the hair with Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray, then blow-dried it straight, applying a few spritzes of Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray to give strands a tousled feel. Next, he pulled hair into a high ponytail and using an elastic string, twisted the hair into a bun-like knot. Once the hair had been secured, he grabbed an oversize brush, like the kind you’d find at a barber shop, and swept  it along the back of the head and the sides, moving upwards and away from the root with every stroke, allowing the friction to loosen up some of the hair and create the desired static-ridden look. He also repeated the process with a paddle brush, applying hairspray throughout the process and making sure to also loosen up some of the hairs in the knot so that they’d be erect too, with little hairs spreading out like spidery legs around the top knot.


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