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Ribbons And Braids — The Hair At Jason Wu Spring 2011 Show



In the work of Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes, vibrant, kaleidoscope-worthy colors and geometric shapes converge but not in a stream of consciousness way — instead, there’s a sense of order and structure within the pieces that doesn’t detract from their sense whimsy but, instead, makes them all the more fascinating. Bubble-like spheres with bulls eye-like concentric circles or paisley-like swirls along their interior dance in front of a backdrop of horizontal stripes. Oversize peony-esque shapes are situated at the center of patchwork-inspired backdrops with sequential squares bearing heart, floral and splatter paint motifs. The colors of Rio de Janeiro, the deliberation and careful planning associated with the Pattern and Decoration movement, and the femininity of the kaleidoscopic floral shapes are all fused together in Milhazes’ work, which explains why designer Jason Wu would find them so inspiring as to function as the launching pad for his Spring 2011 collection.

Wu’s stunning Spring 2011 collection featured glamorous dresses that channeled the convergence of soft floral shapes and bold geometric patterns seen in Milhazes’ pieces — among them a gold strapless number made of a spotted, tone-on-tone gray and gold fabric, with a delicate explosion of rosette shapes along the upper edge of the bodice, adorning the bosom. Similarly, a grayish white chiffon dress with all-over black spots featured cascading petals along the skirt.

In keeping with the rosette shapes seen in many of the garments, models’ tresses were adorned with chiffon fabric (scraps from Wu’s collection), with long strips braided into the hair. The four braided strands were then twisted into a low-hanging loop, and the chiffon at the end of the braids was tied to create a delicate floral shape at the nape. Odile Gilbert led the Aveda team backstage, as they created these romantic looks (one of my favorites of the season).

To create the look, Gilbert and her team started by applying the Aveda Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother to damp hair, taming any frizz and flyaways, then combed the hair, parting it o the right side of the head and blow-drying it straight. Next, hair was pulled back and separated into four equal-sized sections, then sprayed with Aveda Air Control Hair Spray. Next, long pieces of chiffon fabric, in a shade similar to the respective model’s natural hair color, were tied around the top of each of the four sections. And this is when the fun began — stylists then braided the fabric through the hair, securing the finished braids with elastic and allowing the leftover fabric to hang freely at the bottom of each braid. The four braids were then draped from one side of the head to the next, creating braided loop shapes. The fabric at the end of the braids was tied into a large bow, By pulling the fabric upwards, a flower shape was created with the chiffon ribbons. Lastly, hair pins were applied to secure the look and Aveda Control Force Firm Hold Spray was spritzed to ensure durability and hold.

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