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Zoya Fall 2010 “Wicked” Collection — An Evil Genius




They say the sinners have more fun — and, if that’s the case, then  Zoya’s Fall 2010 Wicked Collection should be part of their beauty arsenal, a colorful electric bolt of naughtiness for their scheming little fingers. Not only do the shades in the nail lacquer collection feature a metallic sheen, but they’re packed with glitter particles for maximum sparkle.

The Wicked collection includes the following six lacquer colors: Carrie Ann, a holiday-ready ruby red worthy of Dorothy’s famous shoes; Julieanne, a Joker-ready purple saturated with iridescent magenta and silver glitter particles; Karina, a deep garnet red with iridescent apple red and gold glitter bits; Cheryl, a reddish, coppery brown painite gemstone color with lighter coppery glitter particles; Kym, a Carnelian red hue with a brownish tint and gold, copper and pink glitter; and Edyta, a tarnished, steely, olive-meets-myrtle green hue with a transformative sheen and tons of emerald green and antique gold particles.

The best shades in the collection, in my opinion, are Cheryl, Carrie Anne, Julieanne and Edyta. Carrie Anne, of course, has a natural charm given it’s Maraschino cherry red hue and the holiday-ready sparkle. Julieanne, too, lures you in from the very beginning, wrapping you in purple tentacles like those from Ursula, the octopus villain in The Little Mermaid. Cheryl was much more of an unexpected surprise for me: on nails, it recalls the darker shade in the furs of wild foxes or coyota wolves, giving hands a feline charm. But perhaps the biggest surprise was the Edyta hue. When I looked at the lacquer in its bottle, I found the color slightly revolting, like the type of toxic waste you’d find in a sewer. And then it occurred to me: either the polish would look superb on nails or it would be the most hideous shade ever to appear on my fingernails. Lucky for me, the hue takes on this tough military vibe on nails, making you feel like a drill sergeant diva. To the left, to the left!

One caveat about these shades: they tend to have a shorter lifespan than most Zoya shades (possibly because of thei high glitter content). Typically, my Zoya manicures last quite a bit of time (one of the many reasons why I adore the brand), but every time I painted my nails with one of these shades, the chipping commenced within a day or two. That being said, if you want sparkly nails, it’s worth the extra touch-up time.

Below, you’ll find swatches of the lacquers in the collection, so keep reading to check out the photos!


Zoya Julieanne:




Zoya Cheryl:



Zoya Carrie Ann:



Zoya Edyta:




Zoya Karina:




Zoya Wicked Collection Nail Lacquers, $7 each. Available at Zoya.com


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