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Fight The Power With Mixology NYC’s “Warrior Princess” Collection













There's more than an ounce of truth to the old adage, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." The ancient Greeks, for example, revered Athena, the Goddess of War, who was born fully armed from the head of all-powerful Zeus. But having two "X" chromosomes doesn't automatically turn you into an impetuous, shield-wielding war monger. Throughout the ages, women have shown strength via more than wrath. We've exhibited tremendous courage and bravery in our private lives (bearing children, supporting our families, etc.), in our careers (whether we're talking about Amelia Earhart orMarie Curie), and via our involvement in significant events in history (the women's suffrage movement, our fight for equal opportunities in the workplace, etc.). So, while Mixology NYC's new "Warrior Princess" collection nods to fictional and fabled female warriors and crusaders, its spirit should resonate with all women  — after all, we all have to encounter many battles on a daily basis, be they spats, skirmishes or all-out wars.

The Warrior Princess collection then, includes such pieces as the Guinevere Knuckle Ring (pictured second from top), an elongated, shield-shaped piece with two keyhole-shaped cut-outs along the front and center, as well as etchings of blooms sprouting from a triangle-shaped pot situated at the top and bottom ridges. Available in oxidized silver, oxidized brass, gunmetal or rose gold for a grittier, more medieval feel, the rings are as mysterious as Guinevere herself, the legendary queen of King Arthur, who remains a source of controversy among Arthurian history buffs due to her clandestine affair with Sir Lancelot. Another great piece: the Guinevere Chainmail Necklace, a noose-shaped statement piece made of vintage-looking oxidized silver that pays homage to the chainmail headpieces associated with the Knights of the Round Table.

The Bouddica Ring (pictured at top), a hefty rectangular piece with curved edges, and the Boudicca Hoops (pictured last, below), hammered, flattened, 2" hoop earrings, both commemorate the queen of the Iceni people of East Anglia who, circa AD 60,  led British troops in a rebellion against the Roman forces that had invaded their territory and were suppressing Celtic culture.

For a simple jewelry choice, check out the Cassandra Square Bangles (pictured above, last), which are available in varying widths so they can be stacked atop one another and pay tribute to a princess in Greek mythology whose blessing and curse was perennial truth-telling.

All you Joan of Arc fanatics will swoon over the aptly dubbed pieces in the collection, which include a layered necklace with conical spikes (pictured below) and a selection of rings with cross motifs.

Ready for battle? Pick your favorite Warrior Princess and gather the troops!







Pictured before jump: Mixology NYC Boudicca Rings, $40 each; Mixology NYC Athena Brass Bib Necklace, $275; Mixology NYC Guinevere Knuckle Rings, $45 each; and Mixology NYCCassandra Square Bangles, $20 or $32 each (depending on width). Available at MixologyNYC.com

Pictured after jump: Mixology NYC Joan of Arc Layered Spike Necklace, $125; Mixology NYC Joan of Arc Rings, $35 each; Mixology NYC Guinevere Chainmail Necklace, $150; and Mixology NYC Bouddica Hoops, $40 each. Available at MixologyNYC.com

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