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Get In The Halloween Spirit With These Spooky But Sassy Bing Bang Pieces




I'll admit: I'm the scrooge of Halloween. Maybe it has something to do with my scaredy-cat ways — after all, even things like the opening sequence in the "Thriller" video terrified me as a kid. After watching Friday the 13th during a sleepover at a friend's house at the age of 10, I had nightmares for an entire week. Needless to say, when Halloween rolls around and I'm confronted with teenagers in Jigsaw or Scream masks, my nerves are rattles. I truly wish I'd only see babies dressed up as pumpkins and little kids in superhero, princess and cartoon character costumes on Halloween. So there you have it: my scaredy cat confessions.

But this year, I decided I'd retire my Halloween misanthrope and try to embrace some of the festivities. After all, I managed to develop an appreciation for True Blood, which meant constantly reminding myself that vampires aren't real (seriously, I'm that big a wimp!). So, as part of my transformation, I'm offering all you Halloween enthusiasts a way to spruce up your ensembles with these Bing Bang by Anna Sheffield pieces.

Always treading the line between dainty and rugged, precious and stark, gentle and tough, Anna Sheffield crafted pieces that reference creatures of the night — from howling wolves to straight-from-the-crypt skulls — but are so small and delicate that they're imbued with this ladylike air.

If you prefer a bolder option, check out the Skull Rosary Locket, which features black horn, rosary-style beads joined together with gunmetal chain links and a tarnished rectangular silver with stamped with a skull and crossbones motif.

Now, this is the type of scary I can get with!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Bing Bang NYC Tiny Skull Studs, $30; Skull Rosary Locket, $150; and Tiny Howling Wolf Studs, $30. Available at Shop.BingBangNYC.com

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