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Get The Rio Deal At This Week’s Sobral Sample Sale






When you look at Sobral jewelry's resin pieces, you're bound to think of those marbles you collected as a child, the ones you rolled on your palm or shot in floor games. Maybe you preferred the glass ones with the wavy streaks, the cat's eye-like piece with the core hues, or those with the onionskin layers of colors. But, whatever your preference, they always felt so precious and valuable, like tiny pieces of treasure. That  ability to create a sense of exuberance and vivacity through the clever use of color is just one of the reasons why we fell in love with Sobral.

This week, you can punch up your wardrobe with some zippy Sobral pieces at a fraction of their regular price. If you live in the New York area, drop by the Sobral boutique (located at 412 West Broadway in Soho) between October 7th and October 10th and shop their latest sample sale, which celebrates the flagship store's one-year anniversary. A selection of pieces will be priced at up to 70% off, so you can literally act like a kid in a candy store.

Pictured here are some of the pieces you'll find at the sale. The dangle Maya earrings from the Orient Express collection (pictured at top), which feature clear domed triangle beads with gold foil interiors and two dangling rows of asymmetrical green resin beads with a translucent finish, will be priced at $30 (from their regular $60 price tag). The breathtaking Kyara necklace from the Orient Express collection (shown second from top) features four strands of pebble-like resin beads in varying shades of turquoise and teal attached to larger, silver, stone-shaped beads made to resemble thick bars. Originally priced at $285, the Kyara necklace will be available for $147 at the sale. Another great buy: the Retroz bracelets (pictured third from top) from the Cause & Effect collection, which will go for $31 each.

Below, you'll find more highlights from the sale, including: the Maya bracelet in green (now $34, from $68), a stretchy, multi-strand piece featuring rows of perky beads; the chunky Jolie earrings (now $39 instead of $65), clear hoops with flattened edges and rainbow-like stripes of color running horizontally across each piece; and the Retroz bracelets ($31 instead of $52), handmade resin bangles with contrasting swirls of color.

Visit SOBRAL (412 West Broadway) in New York City from October 7th through October 10th. For more info, call 212.226.2710.





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