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Jane Iredale Eye Steppes — Shades That Complement Your Eye Color








Recently, during a launch event for her new Eye Steppes eyeshadow compacts at the Soho Grand in New York City, makeup guru Jane Iredale explained that she found “most women become paralyzed by all the eyeshadow choices” out there and so, by creating her Eye Steppes compacts, she hoped to simplify and streamline women’s daily makeup routines. The Eye Steppes compacts are available in goBlue, goBrown, and goGreen, and each features five eyeshadow hues that complement the eye color to which its name alludes.

The Eye Steppes in GoBrown, for example, features the following five shades: Sea Green, a pale, almost white color with blue-green undertones; Blue Sky, a pastel blue shade; Tan, a camel color; Forest, an olive, almost military-esque green hue; and Licorice, a dark, near-black brown color with a hint of sparkle. The Eye Steppes in GoBlue, meanwhile, features: Oyster, a creamy, beige-tinged white base color; Rosy, a peachy shade; Taupe, a warm, light fawn shade; Swiss Chocolate, a versatile hot cocoa shade with reddish undertones; and Smoke, a sooty gray hue with olive undertones. And lastly, the Eye Steppes in GoGreen features: Allure, a light butterscotch shade; Iris, an alabaster white; Sepia, a beige shade with pale, rust-colored undertones; Slate, a dirty-looking gray color with earthy brown tones and a hint of sparkle; and Grape, a deep violet shade.

Each of these is packaged in a metallic compact that mirrors the eye color for which its eyeshadow shades were designed. The swivel compact unfurls like a spiral staircases, stretching out into a full, stacked line.  Each of the “steps” in an Eye Steppes compact can be popped out or reattached, so you can carry as few or as many shades as necessary — plus, you can mix and match shades from different Eye Steppes compacts (which is especially handy for brown-eyed girls, who can wear a more vast array of colors).

The Eye Steppes compacts are designed with the notion that “makeup isn’t supposed to wear you.” Iredale’s philosophy is that, rather than people stopping a woman to compliment her eyeshadow choices, they should flatter her lovely eyes. For Iredale, then, makeup is a means through which to emphasize a woman’s features and assets in an understated and demure way.

Now, I myself think makeup can be used as a form of expression, in the same way as fashion, so I don’t necessarily agree 100% with Iredale’s philosophy. That being said, though, I do think many women (especially those who rarely wear makeup) can become flustered when attempting to determine what will suit them, and the Eye Steppes do take the guesswork out of the process, making them extremely handy. Plus, of course, all the shadows are made of micro-pulverized minerals and pigments, and they contain no artificial dyes, chemicals, or preservatives, making them long-lasting and extremely blendable, as well as good for the skin.

Make sure to check out the video of Jane Iredale discussing the collection at the Eye Steppes launch!

Jane Iredale Eye Steppes Compacts, $54 each. Available at JaneIredale.com


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