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Louis Vuitton x EDUN Keepall 45 Luggage Piece — Achtung, Baby!



Turns out Louis Vuitton has a big heart (metaphorically speaking, of course). When news of ethical, eco-friendly, socially conscious clothing line EDUN‘s financial troubles surfaced, LVMH purchased a minority stake in the company, saving it from potential doom. Founded by U2’s politically-minded front man (not to mention my lifelong crush) Bono and his wife Ali Hewson, EDUN not only placed a premium on eco-friendly fashion, focusing on organic cotton wares, but it also dedicated itself to creating sustainable marketplaces within Africa by having as much as 15% of its clothing manufactured in Kenya and Uganda.

When news of Louis Vuitton’s acquisition emerged, eco warriors and fashion hounds alike wondered how this would affect EDUN — both from a financial stance and from an aesthetic one. And while we’ve yet to see a full collection of apparel, we’re really hopeful (and excited) thanks to the newly unveiled Louis Vuitton x EDUN Keepall 45 bag (pictured above). Since this is a collaborative design effort, this luggage piece doesn’t fit perfectly into the EDUN framework — obviously, the sheer use of leather falls outside the brand’s vegan-friendly, eco conscious philosophy — but it does show how two brands with different niche markets and missions can come together and create something that reflects their individual aesthetics.

The Keepall 45  bag is made of chocolate brown leather with the signature LV pattern embossed throughout — and, to add a bit of EDUN flavor, the bag features a keychain with 13 spear-shaped charms made of bone and ebony wood, with some even featuring the LV motif. In true EDUN fashion, the charms were crafted by British brand Made, which focuses on sourcing and manufacturing jewelry and accessories in East Africa, thereby providing steady wages for local artisans.

The limited-edition Louis Vuitton x EDUN Keepall 45 duffel is priced at $4,900 and all the proceeds from the sale of the bag will benefit the Conservation Cotton Initiative, which was founded by Bono and his wife in 2007 and seeks to encourage the development of more organic cotton farms and to advocate for the farmers working therein.


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