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Maison Martin Margiela Limited Edition AIDS Charity T-Shirt Now In Japanese



Over the years, Belgian designer Martin Margiela has emerged as the most mysterious (and some might say reclusive) figure since Howard Hughes. He’s insisted on maintaining a low profile, avoiding industry gatherings, refusing press interviews, opting not to take a bow at this runway show, and using numbered, unbranded cotton labels in his garments. In some ways, he’s the anti-Michael Kors — Martin Margiela on such a public, commercial enterprise as Project Runway? Yeah, right!

It’s in keeping with the brand’s history, then, that Maison Martin Margiela would unveil an AIDS charity T-Shirt featuring a cryptic message, with sentences printed so that only a fragmented part of the text is visible along the neckline, with the missing letters and words located on the inside of the tee, along the inner back panel of the T-shirt. Because the text is fragmented, the T-shirt functions as a conversation starter, with onlookers asking about the message it carries. A simple conversation about fashion, then, leads to a much-needed dialogue about HIV and AIDS, hence raising awareness about the issue.

Now, to complement the English version of the T-shirt, Maison Martin Margiela will be unveiling a yearly edition of the charity AIDS tee in a different language, starting with the Japanese edition this year. The T-shirt will be launched on World AIDS Day (December 1st) and will be available for a limited time only at Maison Martin Margiela stores. And as always, a percentage of the sales will be donated to the French organization AIDES, which is devoted to AIDS patient care.




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