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Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick Collection — Simply The Best



Have you ever gazed at a vivid tube of lipstick and fantasized about how the hue would look on your pout, only to find out the color looked flat, faded, bleak, dry, or lusterless and one-dimensional? Well, you will never have to face such disappointment again, thanks to the brain trust at Make Up For Ever, the masterminds behind the new Rouge Artist Intense lipstick collection.This game-changing collection consists of 50 covetable (and yes, I want them all) lipsticks featuring 50% more pigment than traditional formulas,

In practical terms, that means you’ll get more color payoff from a single application — you literally don’t need to keep layering color in order to achieve a luscious pout since one coat of lipstick will yield so much pigment. In fact, while I don’t normally use lip brushes, I found myself reaching for one when applying the Rouge Artist Intense shades because the colors are so vivid that I wanted to contour my mouth with as much exactitude and precision as possible (otherwise, any feathering, rugged lines, or smudges would’ve been really noticeable).

Not only are the lipstick shades a tour de force in terms of their pigment payoff, but they last quite a long-time without drying, cracking, or fading. A mixture of vegetable waxes, candellia, rice, and beeswax, help the pigment in the formula adhere to lips, while derived ceramide, sterol and nylon powder add moisture, keeping lips looking supple and feeling plump and comfortable. The majority of the shades have a satin finish (29 in total), but there are also 8 matte shades and 13 pearly colors available.

I had the pleasure of trying the No. 48, a vampy, dark blood red; the No. 14, an incandescent lilac with a pearly finish; and Moulin Rouge, a grab-your-can-can-skirt red that would make Dita Von Teese purr in delight. Below, you’ll find swatches of all three shades, as well as photos showing what they look like on lips. Hopefully, they’ll make you understand why I’m a raging Rouge Artist fanatic!

Below, from top to bottom, check out swatches of the Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense Moulin Rouge lipstick, the Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense No. 15 lipstick, and the Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense No. 48 lipstick:



Below, from left to right, you’ll find swatches of the shades No. 48, No. 15, and Moulin Rouge:




The Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense lipstick in Moulin Rouge makes me want to paint the town red. Can’t you just feel the naughtiness in this picture? Check it out:




Check out what the Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense lipstick No. 48 looks like on my lips:




Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense lipsticks, $22 each. Available at Makeupforever.com and at Sephora.com


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