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NARS Fall 2010 Collection — A Daphne Guinness Reverie With A Glamorous, Old Hollywood Feel



Looking at the image chosen for the NARS Cosmetics Fall 2010 ad campaign, you’re bound to extricate a few of the collection’s defining characteristics. In the stunning photograph, heiress, fashion icon, artist and high society baroness Daphne Guinness is shown wearing an avant-garde, leather Una Burke corset with bandage-like horizontal strips in a frosty nude rose, with each layer accented by brass studs. Though corsets are typically associated with 19th century garb, Burke’s interpretation thrusts these pieces into an eerie but fascinating fetishistic future where anatomy, prosthetics, and armor all converge and nod to the wonders of the human form and to the healing process that follows any traumatic event. The contrast of old and new worlds is further enhanced by the diamond baubles draped over Guinness’s neck and shoulders, which seem twice as luminous and magnificent when seen in the mirror propped behind Guinness’s languid figure.

And then, of course, there’s the stunning makeup — her gaze directed downward, Guinness wears the NARS Daphne Single Eyeshadow (a gorgeous purple shade named after her), along with a hint of the NARS Mangrove Single Eyeshadow along the inner corners of her eyes (right by the tear ducts), and a veil of the champagne rose shade in the NARS Tzarine Duo Eyeshadow along the center of the lids, adding a bit of sparkle and dimension. Her cheekbones are contoured with a pale, innocent sienna-tinged pink shade (the new NARS Douceur Blush) while her pout is perfectly contoured with the NARS Rouge Basque Lipstick, which is applied so that the corners of her mouth are slightly upturned in a demure and slightly coy smile.

The final effect is steeped with luxury, opulence, and prestige, nodding to an Anna Karenina-like aesthetic fused with a Moulin Rouge burlesque quality and a forward-thinking confidence.

Below, you’ll find close-up photos, reviews, and swatches of the highlights in the NARS Fall 2010 collection. Enjoy!




This eyeshadow duo is as luminous as a chandelier inside the Russian Tea Room, with a golden champagne nude shade matched with a steely, silvery gray shade saturated with pearly particles. The colors in the Tzarine Duo Eyeshadow recall the aristocratic fashions captured in beloved period films like The Age of Innocence, as well as the romanticism of Degas’ paintings (think “Three Dancers In Violet Tutus”). The glimmering champagne shade brightens the face, adding a dewy quality to lids that’s perfect for the holiday season, while the silvery gray imbues the look with mystery and a smoldering but elegant and controlled sensuality.

Below, you’ll find swatches of the two shades in the Tzarine Duo Eyeshadow:



Nars Tzarine Duo Eyeshadow, $32. Available at NARScosmetics.com

—–     —–     —–




The two brightest Single Eyeshadow colors in the Fall 2010 collection are Mangrove and Daphne.

The Mangrove Single Eyeshadow is a chartreuse green with  safflower yellow and olive green undertones. The matte color works wonderfully against the frosted shadows in the Tzarine palette, creating a delicious interplay of textures, and helps to add a funky twist when dabbed to the inner corners of eyes or used to line the lower lash line.

The Daphne Single Eyeshadow, meanwhile, consists of an intense purple color — right away, it reminded me of the purple shade Grace Jones often wore in her hooded jackets and catsuits. It’s the rich purple shade most commonly associated with royalty (or Catholic clergy robes, for that matter), and it also happens to be strikingly similar to the platform heels of one of Guinness’s most photographed shoes: a pair of Alexander McQueen “lobster claw” ankle boots. The Daphne Single Eyeshadow is simply exquisite — intense, long-lasting, and easy to blend. When you first apply the matte shadow, you’ll notice it feels velvety and has a slightly dusky quality, but that is precisely what makes Daphne so easy to blend and to layer to the desired richness and intensity.

Below, you’ll find swatches of the Mangrove and Daphne shades:


NARS Daphne Single Eyeshadow, $23, and NARS Mangrove Single Eyeshadow, $23. Available at NARScosmetics.com

—–     —–     —–



Next up, we have the lipstick shade designed for Fall 2010: Rouge Basque. This glaze lipstick has an interesting brownish red color reminiscent of tomato paste or a terra cotta brick formation. It goes on rather sheer, covering lips with a frosty veil of color. Since reds abound in fall and winter, why not experiment with a shade that deviates from the traditional berry and wine tones?

Here’s what the Rouge Basque Lipstick looks like on skin:




And here’s a close-up of the Rouge Basque on lips:


NARS Rouge Basque Lipstick, $24. Available at NARScosmetics.com

—–     —–     —–

Still want to see more? Well, check out the below photos of me wearing some of the shades from the NARS Fall 2010 collection.

In these pics, I’m wearing the champagne shade in the Tzarine Duo Eyeshadow along the lids, crease, and brow bone. On top of that, I applied the Daphne Single Eyeshadow along the inner half of lids, blending it with the champagne hue to create a seamless effect. Lastly, I added the silvery gray shade in the Tzarine Duo Eyeshadow to the outer corners of eyes (sans the crease). To finish off the look, I applied two coats of lengthening mascara.

On the lips, meanwhile, I’m wearing the Rouge Basque shade, which I blotted for an even more matte, stain-like effect.

Check it out!








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