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New Same Sky Fabric Wrap Bracelets Launch At DKNY Stores






Founded by theater and film producer Francine LeFrak (her production credits include HBO's critically acclaimed Shot Through The Heart, which is set in the country formerly known as Yugoslavia and sheds light on the ethnic cleansing horrors that transpired in Bosnia), jewelry brand Same Sky is equal parts social empowerment initiative and global fashion effort. All of Same Sky's pieces are handcrafted by HIV-positive Rwandan women who survived the 1994 genocide in their country (during which more than 250,000 women were brutally raped, many infected with HIV as a result). By encouraging these women to use their artisan skills as a means for economic empowerment, paying them fair wages (15 times the average wage made by working women in sub-Saharan Africa), and providing them with a daily stipend for food and transportation to and from work, Same Sky gives these women the tools to better their futures. Since 2009, the Same Sky artisan community has grown from four women to over 50, all thanks to the jewelry purchases made by consumers across the globe, the proceeds of which are reinvested into the business.

Now, Same Sky has teamed up with long-time philanthropist Donna Karan, who will be launching the Same Sky fabric wrap bracelets in her DKNY stores. Featuring hand-dyed, braided or crocheted Rwandan textiles and balloon-shaped, hand-blown glass beads, Same Sky's fabric wrap bracelets measure 35” to 38” in length, wrapping around the wrist four to six times (depending on wrist size). Donna Karan will be launching four styles: the hot pink-infused "Material Girl" (pictured second from top); "Welcome to the Jungle," which merges earthy brown, grass green, and dark teal blue threads; "Tangled Up in Blue," a festive orange, turquoise and navy blue piece; and "Back in Black," a simple black piece.

Kudos to Donna Karan for allowing Same Sky another venue through which to expand its reach and continue doing its great work!


Same Sky fabric wrap bracelets, $40 each. Available at DKNY.com and DKNY stores in New York, Las Vegas, Boston, Costa Mesa, Honolulu, and London.

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