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Plenty by Tracy Reese Fall 2010 Footwear Collection — Classic Material





Designer Tracy Reese’s free-spirited yet ladylike creations — particularly those in her moderately priced Plenty by Tracy Reese line — always beckon a round of applause, managing to exude poise and sophistication without venturing into stuffy, princess tea party territory, capturing a Bohemian joie de vivre without humoring hippie-dippy antics. In addition to here ethnic-flavored, citizen-of-the-world apparel, Reese has expanded her Plenty by Tracy Reese brand to include affordable footwear styles that also capture her Boho belle aesthetic. For Fall 2010, the Plenty by Tracy Reese footwear collection incorporates an array of boots, pumps, slip-ons, and sandals that nod to classic vintage silhouettes — from the tasseled penny loafers of the 1950s to the lace-up boots that first emerged during Victorian times. And, of course, Reese modernizes and softens each silhouette, adding cheeky kitten heels, punching up her color choices, adding flirtatious cut-outs, and more.

My absolute favorite style in the Fall 2010 footwear collection is the “Dole” (pictured above, at top), a ladlylike suede pump that curves as you move from the heel to the toe, culminating in a “V” shape above the toe area. One of the most fascinating aspects of this shoe style is how it appears to be constructed out of a single piece of suede, with stitching kept at a minimum so that the silhouette’s voluptuousness is amplified. Available in sapphire blue, black, teal and ash gray, it’s the Christina Hendricks of the pumps world — bodacious and irresistible.

Another of my top picks would be the “Piper” (pictured first and third below), a fold-over boot with a 6″ shaft adorned with three bands of ruched ribbons with a scrunchie-like texture, as well as a thin 3 1/2″ heel. The boots are available in:  chestnut brown suede with a trio of oatmeal, khaki and grayish taupe ribbons; heather gray suede with ash, steel and platinum ribbons; and black leather with purple, gray, and grape-tinged slate. The black Piper boots make my heart race a bit — particularly given my fascination with the color purple.

For a more collegiate look, check out the “Beth” slip-on loafers (pictured above, third from top), which feature a quaint, wooden kitten heel, wingtip-like brogue detailing, exaggerated fringe along the tongue and the front panel, and a lace-up front, with tassels adorning the ends of the laces. A sexier but equally vintage-flavored choice: the “Paola” (pictured above, second from top), a lace-up sandal style featuring angular cut-outs and jaunty tassels at the end of the laces.

Check out more styles below, as well as pricing info and details on where to buy (trust me: you’ll be thrilled with the prices!).




Plenty-by-tracy-reese-gina Plenty-by-tracy-reese-Piper-Tobacco-boots





Pictured before the jump:Plenty by Tracy Reese “Dole” Pumps, $99; Plenty by Tracy Reese “Paola” Lace-Up Pumps, $119; Plenty by Tracy Reese “Beth” Slip-On Loafers, $149. Available at LordAndTaylor.com and Endless.com

Pictured after the jump: Plenty by Tracy Reese “Piper” Ruffled Booties in gray, $149; Plenty by Tracy Reese “Gina” Booties, $139; Plenty by Tracy Reese “Piper” Ruffled Booties in brown, $149; and Plenty by Tracy Reese “Becky” Lace-up Boots. Available at LordAndTaylor.com and Endless.com

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