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Toywatch Jelly Looped Collection — Tap Into The Loopy Energy





Do you remember the Swatch guards that were all the rage in the '80s? They came in an assortment of colors and snapped over the face of most Swatch watches to protect them and keep them scratch-free, while also adding a punchy dose of color along the bezel. Well, Toywatch seems to have taken the overall motif of rubber watches with interchangeable bands and refined the idea to make it work for a more sophisticated and mature consumer.

First Toywatch introduced its Jelly collection of rubber strap watches, all of which feature a ring-shaped closing that literally loops over the graduated bezel, locking into place. The water resistant Toywatch Jelly watches have faces measuring 41 mm in diameter and come in five colors: black, white, hot pink, dark blue, and lime yellow. And, in September, Toywatch tossed in a loopy twist, introducing its Toywatch Jelly Looped collection. Now, once customers have selected their favorite Jelly watch, they can customize it with one of 14 interchangeable Jelly Loops.

How does it all work? Well, once you have your Jelly Loop, you have to snap off the half of the original watch strap that encircled the watch case and slide in your Jelly Loop in its place. Next, you proceed as you would have with the original watch strap, wrapping it around your wrist and looping the end over the watch case. When you're finished, your watch will feature a rim of color underneath the bezel and along the top half of the watch strap.

Pictured above, you'll find images of the black Toywatch Jelly watch adorned with Blue, Lime, and Violet Jelly Loops (shown in that exact order). Now your watch can literally have its very own circle of friends!


Toywatch Jelly Looped Watches, $175 each; and Jelly Looped Straps, $35 each. Available at ToywatchUSA.com

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