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Bobbi Brown Smoky, Sultry, Smoldering Collection





A smoky eye look doesn’t have to be limited to dusky grays, charcoal blacks, and silvery or gunmetal metallics. A come-hither smoky eye can come in various iterations, including sooty neutral tones and blackened gold and copper combinations, as well as moody lilac and mauve shades paired with metallic Cabernet and Merlot wine schemes. It’s these modernized takes on the smoky eye that take center stage in the Bobbi Brown Smoky, Sultry, Smoldering Collection, which features three new 4-color eye shadow palettes.

First, there’s the Smoky Eye Palette (pictured above, at top), the closest approximation to a traditional smoky kit, which features a White Eye Shadow, Tin Metallic Eye Shadow, Storm Eye Shadow, and Onyx Long-Wear Eye Paint. Second, there’s the Sultry Eye Palette (pictured second from top), which features a Bone Eye Shadow, Antique Gold Metallic Eye Shadow, Caviar Eye Shadow, and Brandy Long-Wear Eye Paint for an opulent but earthy, Cleopatra-ready look. And last, there’s the Smoldering Eye Palette (pictured third from top), the ultimate vixen combination, with an Ivory Eye Shadow, Heather Lilac Metallic Eye Shadow, Charcoal Eye Shadow, and Port Long-Wear Eye Paint that together help to create a regal plum-infused look. Each of these eye shadow palettes, then, is commemorated in the collection’s name: Smoky, Sultry and Smoldering (think of it as the makeup equivalent of TLC’s CrazySexyCool motif).

Not only are the palettes themselves new, limited edition releases, but they mark the debut of Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Eye Paints (one color is included in each palette). These metallic eye shadows can be worn dry or they can be applied with a wet brush for a glossier but crease-resistant look.

The remaining products in the collection consist of glitter-saturated liquid liners in gold and silver, a mini brush set, and an assortment of new red lip colors — from three new Lip Colors (Vintage Red, Vixen Red and Hollywood Red) to one new Lip Liner (Red), one new Metallic Lip Color (Jewel Red) and two new Lip Gloss shades (Red and Scarlet).

Below, you’ll find more photos of the products in the collection, as well as swatches of the shadows in the Smoldering Eye Palette, the Jewel Red Metallic Lip Color, and the Vintage Red Lip Color. Check it out!


The Smoldering Eye Palette features four exquisite shades (pictured below). There’s the Port Long-Wear Eye Paint (pictured immediately below, at top), a deep, blackened red wine color with a minuscule amount of micro glitter particles in shimmering light pink and silver. Next, there’s the Charcoal Eye Shadow, an ember-y black shade with a dusty finish. Pictured immediately below is the Heather Lilac Metallic Eye Shadow,an iridescent, lilac-tinged pale pink color with an all-over silvery sheen. And last, there’s the Ivory Eye Shadow, a cream-tinged off-white shade that works as an ideal base color, a building block for any look created.


Here’s a close-up of the Ivory Eye Shadow and the Heather Lilac Metallic Eye Shadow:



And here’s a closer look at the Charcoal Eye Shadow and the Port Long-Wear Eye Paint:



Here are two pictures of a look I created with the Smoldering Eye Palette. To create the look, I started by sweeping lids with the Ivory Eye Shadow, then layered the Heather Lilac Metallic Eye Shadow above it. Last, I applied the Port Long-Wear Eye Paint along the outer half of eyes, blending it wit the Heather Lilac Metallic shade.



Here’s me rocking the Smoldering Eye Palette colors, along with the new Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Vintage Red:


Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Eye Palettes, $45 each. Available at BobbiBrownCosmetics.com

—–  —–  —–



Typically, makeup artists and beauty gurus suggest pairing a smoky eye with sheer nude lip hues but, with this collection, Bobbi suggest that anything is possible — including moody, dark eye shadows worn with creamy red lips. Inspired by the flawless pouts sported by ’50s Hollywood screen sirens (think Bette Davis in All About Eve), Bobbi created three new red shades: Vixen Red, Vintage Red, and Hollywood Red. I had the chance to try the Vintage Red color, a deliciously creamy, fire-engine-meets-old-school-Hot-Rod shade that’s lustrous without being sparkly.


Below, you’ll find photos of what the Vintage Red color looks like on skin:






Bobbi Brown Lip Colors, $22 each. Available at BobbiBrownCosmetics.com

—–  —–  —–


With the holidays around the corner, it only make sense for Bobbi Brown to add a lovely jewel tone to her array of reds, a feat she conquers with the new Jewel Red Metallic Lip Color, a  sheer shade of ruby-meets-red-spinal with an all-over metallic sheen.

Check out how frosty the Metallic Lip Color in Jewel Red looks like on skin:



 Bobbi Brown Metallic Lip Color in Jewel Red, $22. Available at BobbiBrownCosmetics.com

—–  —–  —–



Once you outline your lips using this creamy, red lip liner, you can apply any necessary lipstick or lip gloss and emerge with a picture perfect pout, ready for smooching under the mistletoe (or anywhere else, for that matter!).

Bobbi Brown Lip Liner in Red, $20. Available at BobbiBrownCosmetics.com

—–  —–  —–


The new Lip Gloss offerings consist of two festive, sheer shades: Red, a holly berry hue, and Scarlet, a more mysterious, vampy shade of red.

Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss, $20 each. Available at BobbiBrownCosmetics.com

—–  —–  —–



Since the holiday season is all about sparkle, these liquid eye liner provide precisely that, with angled applicator tips that allow you to rim eyes with glittery gold or silver.

Bobbi Brown Glitter Liquid Eye Liner, $20 each. Available at BobbiBrownCosmetics.com


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