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Clarins Launches Its Rouge Prodige Line — And Seals The Deal With A Kiss


In January, Chanel executives predicted 2010 would mark a lipstick comeback, with lip glosses finally losing some of their popularity in favor of more richly pigmented, creamier colors with long-lasting, smudge-proof formulas. And though lip glosses haven’t lost their luster, cosmetics companies have certainly focused more intently on mastering the art of the lipstick, devising formulas that hydrate lips, deliver sophisticated shine, and resist feathering and fading. Take, for example, the new Clarins Rouge Prodige True Colour Hold & Shine Lipstick collection, which focuses on delivering all the properties women seek in their lipsticks.

The Clarins Rouge Prodige lipsticks are formulated with a High Fidelity Pearl, a polymer that captures pigments and allows for the selected color to remain on the lip surface, therefore ensuring that a single application can cede greater longevity. The formula also boasts vegetal oils that boost shine and algae extract to soothe and moisturize lips. The lipsticks are available in 16 shades in three color spectra: pinks to plums, corals to reds, and beiges to browns.

I had the chance to try six Rouge Prodige shades: Sunset, a sheer tangerine orange; Clementine, which might as well be named after Kate Winslet’s character in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind since it’s almost a perfect replica of her hair color; Red Prodige,a cardinal red with all-over shine; Litchi, a cappuccino-esque, light toffee hue; Mystic Plum, which captures the blue-toned redness of red plum blossoms; and Blackberry, a dirty plum color with brown undertones.

The Rouge Prodige lipstick’s packaging is sleek and luxurious, consisting of a simple, rectangular, metallic gold cap and bottom, with a slight indentation along one of the cap’s edges for greater ease in opening. Once you uncap the lipsticks, you’ll find a slim, gold tube housing the cylindrical lip color, which features just a bit of a slant along its rounded tip. Though I deemed the packaging aesthetically pleasing, I did long for the lipstick to have a more traditional shape. Why? Well, I find precision is harder to attain with these types of lipsticks , and so I wound up reaching for a lip brush to make sure the application was neat. That being said, the color glided onto lips with relative ease (it wasn’t a buttery smooth application, but it also wasn’t a bumpy ordeal).

Once the color was on lips, I was pretty much sold. The shades looked rather sophisticated, since the pigments appeared nuanced and were imbued with a sultry but natural luster. The lipsticks also definitely delivered in terms of longevity, lasting all day long (even after multiple drinks and eats) without ever looking faded, cracked, or stale, plus my lips didn’t flake or dry out while I wore them.

I did, however, wish the formula was slightly more hydrating. Even though the lipsticks didn’t dry my lips, they also didn’t go the extra mile in terms of moisture and, since winter weather does take a toll on your lips, I found myself having to reach for some lip balm more often than I would have liked.

Still, patting on a bit of lip balm now and again is a small price to pay for long-wearing, elegant lip color. Check out the swatches of the shades below!


Below, you’ll find swatches of the Rouge Prodige lipsticks in (from left to right): Red Prodige, Clementine, Sunset, Blackberry, Mystic Plum, and Litchi



Pictured below, you’ll find another photo with swatches of the following Rouge Prodige shades (from top to bottom): Litchi, Mystic Plum, Blackberry, Sunset, Clementine, and Red Prodige



Here’s a photo of me rockin’ my absolute favorite Rouge Prodige shade: Clementine



Here’s two shots of me wearing the Rouge Prodige in Mystic Plum:



Clarins Rouge Prodige True Colour Hold & Shine Lipstick, $24. Available at Clarins counters nationwide and at clarins.com

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