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Little Rooms Fall 2010 Cryptid Collection — Mythical Moat Monsters





If you've ever watched a film set in the Middle Ages (whether Ridley Scott's Robin Hood, the 1968 Academy Award-winning flick The Lion in Winter, or even Disney's animated classic The Sword in The Stone), then the notion of a deep. water-filled moat surrounding a castle, protecting it from potential insurgents, should be rather familiar. From the Bodiam Castle in East Sussex to the Leeds Castle, the Herstmonceux Castle in Surrey, and the Caerphilly Castle in Wales, moats were as integral to many medieval castles as towers, parapets, curtain walls, bastions, and dungeons. But what lurked in these murky waters, far below the glistening ripples on their surface? 

This is the mystery Los Angeles-based Little Rooms designer Ester Delug explores in her new Cryptid Collection, a fanciful array of statement pieces steeped in sea creature mythology. Take, for example, her Moat Monster 3-Finger Ring (pictured above, last), which features an intricately sculpted, sake-like sea monster undulating along a sea of turquoise blue enamel, its scaly skin forming arched shapes escalating in height as one's gaze moves towards its imposing, crocodile-ike head. The sides of the ring, meanwhile feature deep etchings that resemble the brick or rock facades of a medieval castle. If you're more of a one-finger ring type of girl, check out the Crocodile Moat Ring (pictured above, at top), which focuses on the imposing head of this marine reptile, its V-shaped snout looming above the water (represented again by the deep turquoise blue enamel detail), preempting its predatory strike. The edgy Moat Monster Hoops (pictured second from top), meanwhile, are sculpted so that the snake's small, crocodile-like heads are positioned right at the earlobes and their slim bodies then form a neat circle, with dorsal fin-like accents adding whimsy to the etched hoop shapes.

Other designs, meanwhile, focus on the most horrific aspects of these sea creatures: their jagged, sharp, bacteria-ridden teeth. Take, for example, the Victory Teeth Bracelet (pictured third from top), a gold- or nickel-plated hinged bracelet with rows of graduated fangs. Similarly, the Victory Teeth 2 Finger Ring (pictured below) features a flat ridge with crooked, snarled teeth that curve in different directions like blades of grass but are imbued with the bestiality associated with these mythical monsters. The Victory Teeth Earrings represent a more playful, less harrowing take on this theme, with a single curved tooth hanging from a 2.3" chain strand.

For less sanguine style motifs, check out the shield and lock motifs in pieces like the below pictured Lock Shield Ring, a gold-plated band featuring a keyhole cut-out.

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Pictured before jump: Little Rooms Crocodile Moat Ring, $85; Little Rooms Moat Monster Hoops, $68; Little Rooms Victory Teeth Bracelet, $180; and Little Rooms Moat Monster 3 Finger Ring, $118; Little Rooms Victory Teeth 2 Finger Ring, $68. All available at LittleRooms.com

Pictured after jump: Little Rooms Victory Teeth 2 Finger Ring, $68; Little Rooms Victory Teeth Earrings, $54; Little Rooms Lock Shield Ring, $28; Little Rooms Lock Shield Pendant, $78; Little Rooms Armour Ear Cuff, $24; and Little Rooms Moat Monster Bracelet, $154. All available at LittleRooms.com


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