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Philips x O’Neill The Snug Headphones — Please Don’t Stop The Music!


Think of the pulsating, shifting, psychedelic black-and-white shapes in the Gnarls Barkley “Run” video (yes, the ones that forced MTV to temporarily ban the video out of concerns that the images might function as seizure triggers), then imagine the sleek, glossy, black-and-white striped elevator and lobby floors of The Mark Hotel in NYC, and visualize pop art pioneer Victor Vasarely‘s 1938 Zebra painting. Now you’ll understand why the Philips x O’Neill “The Snug” headphones (pictured above) are so likely to elicit stares from modern art lovers, retro hounds, and hipsters alike.

Part of the new headphone collaboration between electronics brand Philips and surf-centered activewear brand O’Neill, “The Snug” style is a rather compact option (for over-ear headphones, that is), with flat-folding, round ear cups featuring soft, noise isolating foam cushions along their inner perimeter. The snug name is more than apt for this model, since the ear cups cover just the necessary surface area, rather than extending well past the ear area and taking on a Princess Leia donut braid effect. The headband also features a textured, cushioned strip at the top and center, and the plastic sides slide out to adjust the fit as needed. A tangle-free cord adds to this style’s appeal, making it a fantastic option for those with active lifestyles — whether you’re a surfer, snowboarder, or just an urbanite with a hectic schedule and an overworked iPod. The Philips x O’Neill “The Snug” headphones are available in the above pictured White Black Check colorway, as well as in Black Ice, Purple Plaid and Rebel Red — all of which boast bold graphic prints.

Other styles in the Philips x O’Neill collection include: “The Stretch,” an impact-resistant model with a stretchy headband inspired by the wetsuits pioneered by O’Neill and featuring TR5LX, a poly carbonate-like material that boasts six times the surface hardness of the latter and which can withstand extreme weather; “The Covert,” an in-ear headphone with a tangle-free cable and built-in iPhone control; and “The Specked,” tiny in-ear headphones featuring 9mm drivers to deliver great audio quality.

Since the four-style Philips x O’Neill collection of headphones seek to come as near to indestructible as possible, they were tested by a handful of O’Neill team riders – among them snowboarder Jeremy Jones, a nine-time Big Mountain Rider of the Year champion; Australian surfer Mark Mathews; and Oslo-born female ski phenom Ane Enderud. When on the slopes, these athletes relied on the Philips x O’Neill headphones to deliver the music they needed to get into their grooves and work their magic — and these durable products withstood even the toughest conditions, passing the ultimate testing process with the highest of marks.

Now, I’m clearly not a free-riding champion (I’m not even an amateur snow bunny), but I am perpetually on the run, which means having to toss things in my bag without always being delicate. Add to that the fact that I have a six-year-old who insists on pawing everything he sees and, well, let’s just say most headphones have about as long a shelf life as a carton of milk. I can happily say, however, that “The Snug” headphones have yet to get a scratch on them — even after a month of working overtime.

They’re stylish, functional, and durable — what more do you need?

For more details on the Philips x O’Neill Headphones collection and info on where to buy, visit Philips.com


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