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Smashbox Cosmetics Fall 2010 Masquerade Collection — Beauty In Disguise


Envision a  palacial space housing a ballroom with resplendent wooden floors, chandeliers dripping with teardrop-shaped faceted crystals hanging from the ceiling, and marble columns arranged in neat rows along the room, adding a Grecian, aristocratic air to the opulent space. Now picture hundreds of damsels in corseted dresses with voluminous skirts, similar to those worn by the ladies of the court during the Tudor era (think Anne Boleyn when she first appeared in the English court in 1522), each holding an ornate mask over her face to disguise her eyes and nose, toying with notions of anonymity. Now, add a touch of Gossip Girl-esque gumption to the scenario and infuse it with some Mardi Gras jubilance, and you’ll get a feel for the Smashbox Masquerade Fall 2010 collection.

The collection includes: two Masquerade Lip Enhancing Gloss shades (Disguise and Reveal), both of which feature a golden tint and which moisturize lips, giving them a more voluptuous form; the Creamy Cheek Color & Blush in Intrigue, a multi-purpose cheek color with a built-in blending brush on one end (so there’s no need to use those fingertips and get them all dirty!) and a punchy pink color on the other end; the Masquerade Baked Fusion Soft Light Palette in Illusion, an assemblage of golden, copper, bronze and  rose tones that illuminate the face and decolletage; the Masquerade Liquid Liner & Lash Overlay in Teal and Bronze, both of which feature a dainty brush for finer, more precise lines; and the Masquerade Eye Shadow Palette, a nine-color combination of shimmering gold, blackened plum, midnight blue, golden olive green, and dusty nude, among other gorgeous shades.

Imbued with a decadent elegance, the Masquerade collection plays with notions of concealment and revelation, cool shadows and warm touches of light. For each blackened, suspenseful shade, there’s a shimmering, barely there hue. It’s this contrast that makes the masquerade so enticing — and lucky for us, it’s not an invitation-only event and no RSVPs are required.

Below, you’ll find more details on the eye shadow palette and liquid liners, as well as watches and a look created with the products. Enjoy!



The new Smashbox Masquerade Eye Palette incorporates nine gorgeous shades. Starting from the shade pictured at the top left corner, we have a satin-y, almost creamy but slightly chalky, whitened, peachy pink shade. Next, there’s a shimmering brown shade with burgundy undertones and, next to it, there’s a medium taupe shade, with grayish rose undertones. Moving on to the next row of shadows, we have a delicious olive green color that’s saturated with antique gold glittery particles that distance the shade from any possible military associations and move it into high fashion territory.  Next, at the very center of the palette, you’ll find a light yellow gold shade with plenty of shimmer. And on the right side of the shade, there’s a camel brown color with coppery gold tones. On the last row, you’ll find an ultra glam plum shade with a nice dose of shimmer, a midnight blue color with tons of black micro pearls for a twilight effect, and a near-white bone beige color.

Below, you’ll find swatches of the shades in the palette, so you can get a feel for what they look like on the skin. I’m most impressed with the plum and olive shades, which you’ll see here.



Smashbox Masquerade Eye Shadow Palette, $35. Available at Smashbox.com



If the Smashbox Masquerade Eye Palette is the queen of this collection, then the Liquid Liner & Lash Overlay shades are its ladies in waiting. These liners come in two colors: Bronze, which will play up the opulence of your look with its metallic reference, and Teal, which reminds one of exotic peacock feathers, like the type you’d find on a costume ball mask. Both liners have fine brushes that allow you to get extremely close to the lash line, and they dry in a way that maintains the liquid metal feel that makes them so alluring in the first place.

Check out what the Teal and Bronze Liquid Liners look like on skin:


Smashbox Masquerade Liquid Liner & Lash Overlay, $19 each. Available at Smashbox.com



Last, I wanted to share with you ladies a look I created using the Masquerade Eye Platte and the Masquerade Liquid Liner in Bronze.

For the look below, I started out by applying the light pale pink shade all over my lids and up to the brow. Next, I applied the olive green color to the lids, layering it on and working it into the crease. To add some contrast, I then layered the plum shade atop the green color, applying it along the inner half of lids. And, to contour the eyes, I added the soft, velvety medium taupe shade along the crease, blending it with the olive green color. The shadows were applied to create a shape resembling an upside down comma, so that it curves downward as you move from the inner to the outer corners of the eyes.

Last, I applied the Bronze Liquid Liner and coated lashes with the Bourjous Club Mascara in Brun.

Here’s the look:



You can see the shape I created with the shadows here:



Next, you’ll get a better feel for the colors themselves and how they looked on the eyes:





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