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Urban Decay Fall 2010 Lip Junkie Lipgloss Collection — An Oral Fixation




Cue Ryan Leslie’s “Addiction,” ladies, because I’m about to leave you lusting for a fix of the new Urban Decay Lip Junkie Lip Gloss collection. Just call me the Tambourine Woman!

So what makes these lip glosses my current beauty drug of choice? Well, let’s work our way from the outside in. The sides of the glosses’ clear, elongated Surlyn tubes taper as you move downward, culminating in a noticeably narrower, rounded tip. The top and bottom surfaces are flattened a bit along this rounded tip, making it easier for users to grip the gloss. From a practical stance, these faceted sides not only allow for a more comfortable grip, but they make it easier to squeeze the tube from the bottom up, so that no drop is wasted (it’s the same science as squeezing a toothpaste tube from the bottom up, but made commodious). The soft applicator tip of the squeeze tubes, meanwhile, is slanted for greater precision and less of a propensity towards messiness. And then, of course, there’s the gunmetal colored cap covering the applicator tip, which features cut-outs that reveal a purple lining, creating a medieval art, stained glass-like effect that’s consistent with the aesthetic of Urban Decay’s gorgeous lipstick tubes.

Now, let’s get to the core of things. Each of the Lip Junkie lip glosses features a minty taste (quite reminiscent of Cover FX’s Mint FX Lip Treat-Mint and Primer but with a more intense cooling effect) and the formula boasts Maxi Lip, a collage boosting ingredient that plumps lips without any uncomfortable tingling or burning. Typically, I scurry away from plumping glosses because the tingling is so unbearable, but here there’s no such sensation — it’s all gain, no pain.

All eleven Lip Junkie lip gloss shades feature a sheer finish, allowing you to layer the color to create the desired intensity. Plus, while so many glosses focus on disco-ready shimmer, only a few of these colors feature a glittery finish. The most shimmer-packed option is Midnight Cowboy, a sheer rose beige with clear pearlescent bits featuring a prismatic effect. The other shimmer-tinged shades feature just a touch of stardust to give the colors dimension, rather than being so saturated as to create a gumdrop-like texture. These shades are: Heavy, a russet-y nude brown with a hint of sparkle; Jilted, a punchy magenta pink with light blue-toned pink pearls; Perversion, a NASA-ready obsidian black with glimmering white and silver particles; Naked, a pearl pink nude color with a touch of glitz; and Runaway, a shimmering coral red.

The sheer colors, meanwhile, manage to deliver punchy color with a vinyl-like finish. These colors include: Crush, a sheer, Marilyn-worthy hot pink; Love Junkie, a soft Merlot-esque, plum-y wine hue; Red Light; a candy apple red; Peroxide, a light pink; and Wallflower, a sepia-tinged nude.

My favorite shades at the moment: Crush, Love Junkie, Naked and Jilted.

Below, you’ll find swatches of some of the shades, as well as photos to show what they look like on lips. Just know you might get hooked!

In the photo below, you’ll find swatches of the following Lip Junkie colors (from top to bottom): Jilted, Heavy, Love Junkie, Crush, and Midnight Cowboy.



Here’s another look at (from left to right) Jilted, Heavy, Love Junkie, Crush, Midnight Cowboy, and Naked:



The photo below shows what the shades look like in different lighting (when they’re not being directly hit by the sun), so you can get a better sense for how sheer some of the colors are:



Next, you’ll find a photo of what the Naked shade looks like on my lips:



Here’s a close-up of the Jilted shade on my lips:



And here’s me wearing the Jilted, along with some Lorac eye shadows:



Urban Decay Lip Junkie Lip Gloss, $19 each. Available at UrbanDecay.com

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