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Holiday Gift Guide Part 6 — For The Girl With Stevie Nicks-Style Crystal Visions

Peasant skirt-wearing, caravan-riding, gold coin-dipped, traveling gypsy. Crystal ball-hoarding, tarot deck-dealing, head scarf-rocking fortune teller. Floral print-loving, caftan-adoring 1970s hippie queen. Lace up boot-stomping, cape-flapping Victorian witch. Ziggy stardust protégé meets mythical dryad. During the height of her career, rock icon Stevie Nicks could channel any of these personas, luring audiences in with her free-spirited Bohemian style and her raspy but bewitchingly sweet vocal style.

As an ode to Nicks and the legions of Gold Dust Women she has inspired with her unique style, we’re dedicating our latest gift guide installment to the mystical muse. When you browse through the below options, you’ll see your gypsy!







Dannijo Cleo Necklace, $795, and Dannijo Lena Cuff, $545. Available at Dannijo.com

Inspired by the mosaic-like coloring of traditional Indian jewelry, these Dannijo pieces feature strands of gold-plated Swarovski crystals in clear, turquoise, pine green, iridescent opal white, pale lavender, amethyst purple, ruby red, and yellow sapphire manipulated to reference the aesthetic norms of the Navajo and Zuni tribes in the Southwest US, as well as the Banjara and Bastar tribes of India.

The Cleo necklace, for one, features contrasting strands of colored Swarovski crystals, curving down and out like upside-down rainbows — and, at their lower ridges, these strands then culminate in cascading leaf-shaped stones, some arranged in diamond-like patterns. The Lena cuff, meanwhile, measures 2″ in width and is adorned with Swarovski crystals along its center and draping strands of rhinestones along its sides for an added Boho touch.



LORAC Tie Dye For Lip Gloss Collection, $25. Available at Sephora.com

Sure, tie-dye T-shirts scream Grateful Dead, more so than Stevie Nicks, but the quintessential Flower Child motif manages to capture the Fleetwood Mac singer’s ’70s hippie-inspired vibe. This affordable LORAC lip gloss set features five moody, lava lamp-ready shades, all enriched with grape seed oil and coconut oil to hydrate and soothe lips, as well as antioxidant-rich açai berry and pomegranate to protect them from environmental hazards.  The five shades in the set are: Flaming Mix, a fiery Maraschino cherry red; Shocking Twist, a bright fuchsia; Berry Blender, a grape jam hue; In The Mix, an apricot-tinged, coppery nude; and Social Mixer, a perky Starburst-esque pink. Rich in pigment and featuring an all-over sheen, as well as scattered glimmer particles, these really are makeup love children.



Jo Malone Pine & Eucalyptus Living Cologne Eau de Cologne, $95. Available at JoMalone.com

Forget chestnuts roasting — when Jack Frost starts nipping at our noses, the smell we most crave is that of fir and pine trees. This season, then, Jo Malone set out to capture the holiday spirit while also recreating the damp, mossy, muddy feel of a lush forest, one where a woodsy nymph would lurk. The Jo Malone Pine & Eucalyptus Living Cologne features eucalyptus, pine, sweet orange, cypress, cinnamon, lavender, amber and frankincense notes, for an aroma that’s simultaneously green and spicy. As a living cologne, the scent is meant to work with your body chemistry, then emanate into the space around you, so that you can bring holiday cheer into any room you enter.



Candela Angelina Empire Gown, $123.26. Available at Bluefly.com

Sparkly maxi length dresses with batwing sleeves were as essential to Nicks’ aesthetic as hippie-flavored floral print gowns with flowing silhouettes. This empire waist, 100% silk chiffon Candela gown features lush gold, pink, green, and purple blooms against a midnight black backdrop, with sheer tiered ruffles along the hemline, a smocked back, a triangle top, and adjustable spaghetti straps. Add some granny boots, a sheer shawl, or a knit capelet, and you’ve got a Wild Heart wonder.


M. Sturman Triple Cube Tube Cuff, $800. Available at MSturman.com

Even if you could read people’s auras, how often would your pupils encounter as resplendent a burst of color as achieved with this M. Sturman bangle style cuff? Featuring five layers of Swarovski Crystallized Elements bicones and 24k gold-plated seed beads in pale lavender pink, celadon green, ultraviolet, aqua blue, and tangerine orange. The faceted planes of these stones capture the light and allow it to bounce off its ridges, making it dance like a vibrating electromagnetic field.




80 Acres Verde Hand & Collection, $65. Available at McEnvoyRanch.com

Inspired by the scent of the gardens at McEvoy Ranch in northern California, where the extra virgin olive oil at the heart of all 80 Acres products is harvested, the Verde scent of this particular Hand & Body Collection is the result of a blend of ylang ylang, lime and lavender essential oils. In addition to smelling like a fresh meadow  expanse, transporting you to a grass plain where you can lay on your back and stare at the vast sky, both the hand wash and hand lotion feature soothing aloe vera and chamomile extract, hydrating glycerin and wheat protein, antioxidant-rich white tea, and conditioning and moisturizing olive oil.


DVF Tuto Hat, $115.50. Available at DVF.com

Remember Stevie’s black velvet beanie with the Renaissance style feathers? Well, this knit beanie modernizes the concept, trading the feathers in for lovely black and heather gray rosette details.




Samantha Thavasa Tinsley Mortimer Collection White Snake Purses, $350 each. Visit SamanthaThavasa.com for details on how to order.

The tie-dye motif of these Samantha Thavasa White Snake purses gives them a groovy gumption, while the swirling,corset-like lacing along the top flap adds a naughty, burlesque quality, which is then restrained by the dainty chain strap and framed gold-tone closure. Like Stevie herself, these purses are eclectic and full of surprises.

Alice + Olivia Lela Buckle Back Flounce Coat, $698. Available at AliceAndOlivia.com

Glitter-covered, sequin-accented garments added to Nicks’ out-of-this-world, mistress-of-the-galaxy allure on stage. This black Alice + Olivia coat features a playful, lightly pleated, flared skirt and enough silver glitter to rival the starriest of skies.  With this coat on your back, you won’t have to worry about “after the glitter fades.”




Weleda Body Oil Essentials Kit, $14.99 Available at USA.Weleda.com

This all-natural skincare set features six 0.34 fl. oz. Weleda oils: Birch Cellulite Oil, which is meant to purify the skin and remove any toxins, diminishing the onion peel effect; Arnica Massage Oil, a excellent tool for any massage since it warms up the skin; Lavender Relaxing Body Oil, which soothes any skin inflammations and also calms your senses; Wild Rose Body Oil, which will make your skin look more radiant; Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil, which is packed with antioxidants to protect skin from free radicals and stimulate new cell growth; and Sea Buckthorn Body Oil, one of Weleda’s oldest and most successful oils thanks to its regenerative properties.




SOBRAL Oriental Express Kyara Necklaces, $285 each. Available at SOBRALUSA.com

Thunder may only happen when it’s raining, lighting may only strike once, but with Carlos Sobral, genius is a regular occurrence. The Kyara necklaces from SOBRAL’s Orient Express line feature six staggered strands of stone-shaped reddish or grayish resin beads, with the strands drawn together along the sides by clear, rectangular-shaped resin plates with either gold or silver foil-like fillings.



TopShop Floral Burnout Button Tunic, $70. Available at TopShop.com.

Flouncy black garments are essential to any gypsy-inspired look, and this slightly see-through, floral print burnout tunic makes for a great layering piece. Its flared, babydoll-like skirt adds the necessary sense of lightness for a more esoteric look.


Alex Monroe Large Peacock Hoops, £225.00. Available at AlexMonroe.com

Give a wink-wink to the giant plumes sprouting from Nicks’ velvet top hat with these hoop earrings from designer Alex Monroe. Aside from curved peacock feather motifs, these gold hoops feature two staggered,  draped chains adorned with dainty emerald, apatite and amethyst stones. Do like Nikka Costa and set your spirit free and, as she said, like a feather it will be.



Jeffrey Campbell Postcard Granny Booties, $215. Available at Shopbop.com

Granny boots never looked ready for retirement when they were rocked by Stevie Nicks, so why would they look dated on you? Make “granny” look groovy with these distressed leather booties from Jeffrey Campbell, which feature a 3″ stacked heel, a lace-up tie structure with brass hardware, and a slim 7″ shaft.in-the-mood-nail-polish-lacquers


In the Mood Nail Lacquers, $8 each. Available at TheMoodPolish.com

These temperamental nail lacquers are literally, well, temperamental. Each shade of In The Mood fluctuates between two colors, lightening or deepening depending on the temperature of your environment. The Flirty lacquer, for instance, moves from a pearly pale lavender pink in warmer scenarios to a metallic Thulian pink when your fingers encounter cold water or air. Sounds like a gimmick, right? Imagine our surprise when we tested these shades and saw them in action! Check out the Flirty color in the warmth and again minutes after running hands under cold water (notice the darker color along the tips on this second picture). What New Ager couldn’t appreciate this type of nail metamorphosis?



Rock Of Ages Peace Love Rock & Soul Mini Votive Candle Set, $37. Available at ROApress.com

The unscented soy- and paraffin-blend votive candles measure 2″ in height and are packaged in glass containers featuring hippie symbols like hearts, peace signs, and skulls against a sinister black backdrop and antique gold bands along the upper and lower rims. Just nab a set and play “Illume” when you light them.



Elva Fields Necklace, $98. Available at ElvaFields.com

Nicks wore her fair share of velvet — from ruffled jackets to floppy hats — so she would appreciate the vintage ribbon tying together this new multi-strand necklace from Elva Fields, which features three layers of assorted beads. The scattered, impromptu, haphazard way in which the beads are stranded together, as well as the contrasting sizes, shapes and finishes, adds to the spontaneous, free-spirited feel of the piece.origins-protect-and-preserve-kit

Origins Protect and Preserve Set, $47.50. Available at Beauty.com

Whether she was wearing a floppy velvet beanie adorned with a giant feather or a black top hat, straightening her hair or donning wavy strands, one aspect of Stevie Nicks’ routine never changed: she always flaunted radiant skin. As a long-time vegetarian and nature lover, Nicks would appreciate Origins’ dedication to botanically derived formulations, its staunch opposition to animal testing, and its commitment to renewing plant resources and replenishing the earth.

If you know someone with a similar communion with nature, gift her with the Origins Protect and Preserve holiday set, which will help her maintain an even skin tone. The limited-edition set comes in a festive blue-and-white box, adorned with red snowflake shapes and it includes the A Perfect World White Tea Skin Guardian, A Perfect World SPF 25 Age-Defense Moisturizer with White Tea, and the A Perfect World Antioxidant Moisturizer with White Tea. The key ingredient in the A Perfect World line, white tea, figures among the most potent antioxidants, protecting skin from UV rays and other environmental hazards and replenishing moisture, while complementary ingredients like mumurumu butter hydrate and vitamin C brightens dull complexions.


Heidi Merrick Anza-Borrego Pillow, $209. Available at HeidiMerrick.com

This 100% silk, down-filled pillow was hand woven in India. With its fascinating range of dip dyed orange, yellow and purple threads, this rectangular accent pillow will infuse some joyful color into any abode, making it an ideal decor addition for those whose homes express an undying wanderlust and a desire to celebrate all cultures around the world.



Heavy Leather NYC Hippie Strap, $75 each. Available at HeavyLeatherNYC.com

Handmade in Brooklyn, New York by Heavy Leather NYC founder Rachael Becker, these  guitar straps are constructed using cowhide leather. The Hippie Straps measure 2″ in width and feature hand-sewn trims in psychedelic patterns akin to the Ace strap Jimi Hendrix draped over his shoulder when taking the stage at Woodstock in 1969.

Miriam Haskell Earrings, $260. Available at MiriamHaskell.com

These intricate earrings, which measure 3.5″ in length, feature faceted octagonal Swarovski crystals in a dark garnet color; two interlocking, gunmetal-colored square shapes featuring twisted, wire-like details and ball bead edges; and gray and yellow pearls adorned with tinier freshwater pearls. Together, all these elements create a look that’s both regal and tough, and which would appeal to the Victorian goth undertones of Stevie’s look.




Prismera Design Amethyst Slice Necklaces, $98 each. Available at PrismeraDesign.com

If Nicks is your style icon, chances are you believe in guided meditation, energy healing, chakra balance, and maybe even the spiritual energy vortexes that allegedly exist in the Sedona region of Arizona. But, even if you shun such mystical notions, you can always appreciate the magic found in nature, in such intrinsically beautiful matter as amethyst stones. With jagged edges, each of these, 31″ long, one-of-a-kind amethyst slice necklaces celebrates the untouched marvels found on Earth.




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