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Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door With Knock Knock Stationery And Knickknacks






Yellow legal pads are just unseemly, and composition notebooks make you feel like you should be running for the big cheddar cheese-colored bus, clutching your Hello Kitty lunchbox, which itself would be filled with Jell-O cups and Lunchables snack packs. Sure, you can go to a fancy stationary boutique and spend a month’s cell phone bill on notebooks with floral prints that scream Pollyanna precious, but where can you find some affordable note pads with irreverent, tongue-in-cheek motifs? And is there any alternative to pale pink or yellow sticky pads beyond neon bright colors? Enter Knock Knock, an 8-year-old company that challenges the conservative design aesthetics associated with office supplies and instead offers consumers paper goods with witty references to pop culture, cheeky aphorisms, and playful themes.

Knock Knock’s journal notebook offerings, for example, include: the “OMFG” journal picture above (which, if you’re in tune with cyber lingo, you know means “Oh, My F**ing G*d”); a similar book with the words “Hell Is Other People;” and one bearing the words “Even My Ideas Are Recycled.” All the notebooks measure 7.35″ x 9.5″  and feature blank linked pages. I’m hoping they come out with an “FML” journal soon since my ridiculously intimate relationship with Murphy’s Law, and the way in which it manifests itself on a daily basis, would make it a cinch to fill one of those!

And it doesn’t end with journals, ladies and gents. Knock Knock also offers hilarious sticky pads, such as the “Blah, Blah, Blah” cubicle notes pictured above, which pretty zoom in on the mundane aspect of work life. They also design themed note pads with check boxes to help you tackle organizational duties — among them the “All Out Of” pad, which includes a list of foods in categories like Fruits, Vegetables, Poultry, Snacks, Dairy, Canned Good, and Frozen Goods, so that supermarket trips can be a breeze. There are also “Rate That Beer,” “Holiday To Do,” and “Mental Note” pads, among other innovative designs.

Among my favorite offerings, however, you’ll find Knock Knock’s Nifty Notes, which are smart 4 x 5.35″ notes with quirky sayings. You can, for example, buy a pack of “Sweet Nothing” notes and include a loving message in the bank box, then check one of the boxes below it, which read “I’m Proud Of You, “You’re The Best,” “Just Breathe,” “Go Get ‘Em,” and “Good Luck.” Or, if a co-worker is having a lousy day, you can slip her a “Pep Talk” note, like the retro-flavored one pictured above, and detail why you think she needs one on that date and why she’s amazing, then suggest a pick-me-up activity like “Eat Ice Cream,” “Hug It Out,” or “Punch A Pillow” (hey, she may need to take out her aggression).


Knock Knock “OMFG” Journal, $8; Knock Knock “Sweet Nothing” Nifty Notes, $4.50; and Knock Knock “Blah, Blah, Blah” Cubicle Notes, $3.25. Available at KnockKnock.biz



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