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Shiseido Fall/Winter 2010 Makeup Collection — Destination Colors



Some Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio Palettes And The Photos That Inspired Them:

Shiseido GY901 Snow Shadow:


Shiseido PK403 Boudoir:


Shiseido GD804 Opera:


Shiseido GR305 Jungle:


Shiseido BR307 Strata:


Ladies, first of all, I owe you a massive mea culpa for taking this long to discuss the latest makeup collection from Shiseido which is not only stunning, but really allows customers to delve into the brilliant mind of Dick Page, Artistic Director for Shiseido Makeup. Aside from being a cosmetics sage, Page dabbles in photography, snapping pictures of gorgeous landscapes while soaring above them in airplanes, zooming in on architectural landmarks while trekking through distant cities, taking the time to appreciate the beauty of a rocky hill or a tropical garden. The rich, vibrant shades in the assortment of Fall 2010 Shiseido Satin Luminizing Eye Color Trios, then, were inspired by seven photographs snapped by Page himself.

Each Shiseido Satin Luminizing Eye Color Trio, then, captures the colors of a specific photo in Page’s personal portfolio. The GY901 Snow Shadow trio, for example, features a pearly white, silvery slate gray, and navy-tined, charcoal shade, all of which capture the moodiness of a snowy forest landscape snapped from inside a plane while Page was flying over Long Island, New York. The PK403 Boudoir trio, meanwhile, toys with different shades of pink — from a blushing, bride-ready hue to a shimmering peony pink and a deeper fuchsia shade. This palette recreates the colors in a room furnished with sheer pink curtains, blush pink walls, and rumpled white sheets soaked in a flood of pink light thanks to the drapes through which they seeped.

Earthier options include: the Strata BR307 palette, which boasts an eggshell-tinged cream shade, a russet oak brown, and an olive-tinged, muddy brown color, and which was inspired by a rock face in Chaco, New Mexico; and the Fire OR302 trio, which captures the colors of a photo of a campfire in Nevada. For lusher, more tropical choices, check out: the Jungle GR305 trio, informed by a photo taken in a Dominica rainforest, which features three fresh shades of green ranging from a light spearmint to a gold-speckled myrtle color; or the Tropicalia YE406 palette, which was informed by a photo of a bird of paradise bloom in a Los Angeles garden, and which features a lively mix of lemon yellow, kiwi green, and frosted rose pink. And last, of course, there’s the Opera GD804, which includes a crisp periwinkle blue, warm camel brown, and tarnished bronze. Inspired by a photo of a golden statue on the roof of the Opera Garnier in Paris, the eyeshadow trio captures the tarnished bronze quality of the sculpture, the captivating beauty of the springtime sky above it, and the golden ridges of the statue where the  sunlight hit it.

Below, you’ll find more details on two of these eye color trios, Opera and Tropicalia, along with swatches and photos of looks created. Plus, as an added bonus, you’ll get a look at the Perfect Rouge RD732 lipstick shade, also new for the season. They’re inspired!

Here’s a look at the Opera GD804 trio:


Below, you’ll find swatches of the three shades housed in the palette. The center color is a lovely light camel brown with a golden sheen, a versatile shade you can work into almost any look, and the shade on the left-hand side is a brownish bronze color with golden and copper flecks. My favorite, though, is the sky blue shade, which has a cloudy, almost powdery effect.

Pictured below, you’ll find swatches of the three eye shadows:



Here is another view of the three eye shadows:



I’m cheesin’ in this picture, but you can see how the shadows perk up my look:



Since I’m looking down in this photo, you get a better feel for what the shades look like on the eyes. To create the look, I started out with the golden camel color, sweeping it along lids and close to the brows, adding the bronze shadow along the outer half of eyes and the crease, blending thoroughly. And to open up the eyes, I dotted the inner corners of eyes with the blue shade. Lips, meanwhile, are coated with the Perfect Rouge RD732 lipstick. Check it out:



Here’s me looking down for yet another look at the lids:



I look so mad in this picture, but I promise I’m not!


Shiseido Satin Luminizing Eye Color Trio in Opera, $33. Available at Bloomingdales.com

—– —– —–


The Tropicalia trio (pictured above) would make Carmen Miranda smile. Like a makeup carnival, this palette just screams uninhibited fun — from the punchy kiwi green to the fresh lemon yellow and the Chinese Hibiscus-ready pink. The shadows glide on the skin smoothly, effortlessly, and feature a sophisticated, all-over frost.

Below, you’ll find swatches of the three colors in the trio:



Here’s another look at the Tropicalia shades:



Shiseido Satin Luminizing Eye Color Trio in Tropicalia. Available at Bloomingdales.com

—– —– —–


For Fall 2010, Shiseido introduced its Perfect Rouge lipsticks, which keep lips feeling hydrated throughout the day and which feel light and yet creamy on the lips. One of the most stunning and versatile shades is the RD732, a blush pink with nude undertones and an all-over luminosity.

Here’s a glimpse of how the color looks on the skin:


No wonder they say it’s perfect!


Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick, $25. Available at Nordstrom.com



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