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A Toast For The MAC Cham Pale Collection


A splash of chilled Veuve Clicquot bubbling gaily inside a glistening Waterford crystal champagne flute with curvilinear wedge cuts along the base of the stemware. Two rows of staggered, dimly lit bulbs adorning a vintage-looking brass chandelier. Soft pink uplighting and pin spots dancing along the ceiling and walls of a banquet hall. A glass table propped against a wall covered in textured, gold leaf wallpaper. A silk charmeuse gown draped over a woman’s honey-colored skin.

When you discover the MAC Cham Pale collection, these images are likely to traipse, curtsy, and float inside your mind. Luminosity, then, is essential to this collection, as frosted and creamy beiges, pale pink, sparkly brown, glimmering pink champagne, dirty peach, icy white gold, metallic nude, and light copper work in unison to stage a sophisticated makeup fête.

Normally, nude and golden color palettes evoke major yawning on my part, but there’s a seductive yet demure vibe to this collection that will make you feel like you’re a chic, elegant, poised damsel basking in delicate candlelight.

Keep reading for more images of the products in the collection, as well as swatches.


They say champagne tastes accompany caviar dreams and cashmere thoughts — and this eye shadow quad captures this penchant for luxury, both thanks to its soft golden shades and its contrast of creamy satin and lustrous, shimmering textures.

The new Caviar Drams palette includes four shades: Brule, a creamy, creme brulée-dipped beige; Et Tu, Bouquet?,  a dusty hydrangea-esque pink, like what you’d find in the centerpiece of a wedding reception table; Retrospeck, a golden shade as exquisite as that of Rapunzel’s blond braid and saturated with gravelly specks; and Caviar Dreams, a weathered, slightly tarnished bronze color like what you’d find in a vintage doorknocker, with a frosted texture adding a romantic vibe.

Check out swatches of (below, from left to right) Caviar Dreams; Et Tu, Bouquet?; Retrospeck; and Brule:



Here’s another view of (from top to bottom): Brule; Retrospeck; Et Tu, Bouquet?; and Caviar Dreams colors:


MAC Eye Shadow x 4 in Caviar Dreams, $36. Available at MACcosmetics.com

—–     —–     —–     —–     —–



The Cham Pale collection features four natural hues: Tanarama, a light beige with a golden shimmer; Flustered, a frosted pale bronze; Quiet, Please, a frosted pink champagne; and Gel, a sheer metallic beige with just a hint of an icy frost.

MAC Lipstick, $14.50. Available at MACcosmetics.com

—–     —–     —–     —–     —–




Four Lipgelée hues add frosting to the proverbial cake when it comes to this swoon-worthy collection. Each tube is packed with glitter, so that lips wind up looking like sugar-coated gumdrops. The new colors consist of: Luxure, an ecru shade with pink pearl micro-particles; Sin-tillation, a violet-tinged, icy pale pink with silver, light magenta, and white glitter specks; Bubble Lounge, a sparkly, slightly copper-y pink peach with gold and white glitter; and Straight to the Head; a light bronzed brown with a frosted finish.

I had the chance to try out Sin-tillation, a shade that transforms ever so slightly depending on how the light hits it. When drenched in light, the shade looks like liquid white gold with hints of perky pink, while in darker spaces, the color’s lilac pink tones rise to the surface, its light silver and magenta glitter specks worthy of the Omega Nebula. On lips, Sin-tillation feels relatively creamy, much less sticky than a traditional Lipglass. It is, however, rich in glitter, so do be prepared for a disco-ready pout.

Check out what the Lipgelée in Sin-tillation looks like on skin:



Here’s another photo of the Sin-tillation shade:


MAC Lipgelée, $14.50. Available at MACcosmetics.com

—–     —–     —–     —–     —–




MAC Paint Pots are ideal when you want a crease-free eyeshadow experience. Though nude colors and understated, matte textures have been the rule of thumb with previous paint pots, allowing them to serve as the foundations for any subsequent eye colors you apply, these four new Paint Pots pack a bit more punch, so that they can practically stand on their own merit. Still, they work best as support staff, composing the ideal backdrop canvas upon which to  sweep the soft, rosy, golden and nude eye shadow colors in the Caviar Dreams palette.

The four new Paint Pot colors are: Chilled On Ice, a frosted white gold; Let Me Pop, a frosted white copper; Vintage Selection, a frosted dirty peach; and Dangerous Cuvée, a frosted cool gray like the inside of a champagne chiller.

I’ve been playing with the Paint Pot in Chilled on Ice, and I adore the way the pale 14k gold cream color looks like it’s radiating from the skin itself, as if your eyelids emitted the type of glow you’d find in a goldfish’s scales.

Check out the Paint Pot in Chilled on Ice:



Here’s another view of the Paint Pot in Chilled on Ice:


MAC Paint Pot, $16.50. Available at MACcosmetics.com

—–     —–     —–     —–     —–


Chez Chez Lamé

Since this collection focuses on champagne and candlelight, it follows that it would incorporate some powders that illuminate the skin, making your visage look like it’s drenched in soft, intimate light. The Chez Chez Lamé powder gives the skin a near-platinum, white gold sheen, with hints of silver shimmer, so you can feel like the Athena Parthenos statue in the National Museum in Athens, Greece.

Here’s what the Special Reserve Highlight Power in Chez Chez Lamé looks like on skin:




Rosé Olé

For a rose copper glow, try the Special Reserve Highlight Powder in Rosé Olé, a soft golden pink that feels beachy, recalling pink sands and golden brown seashells, while also bringing to mind coppery gold pearl necklaces and other gala-ready jewels and silky evening gowns. I also love the way both of these powders have been sculpted so that they look like crumpled parchment paper inside their round compacts.

Below, you’ll find a swatch of the Rosé Olé color:


Here’s what the Rosé Olé shade looks like from a longer distance:


MAC Special Reserve Highlight Powder, $28. Available at MACcosmetics.com

—–     —–     —–     —–     —–





The cuvée-themed collection features two new nude-colored Chromagraphic Pencils (NC15/NW20 and NW25/NC30), as well as a metallic nude Eye Kohl (I Get No Kick) to give lids just a hint of sparkle, and a potent new Power Kohl in a jet black (Feline Black).

MAC Chromagraphic Eye Pencil, Eye Kohl, and Kohl Power, $14.50 each. Available at MACcosmetics.com

—–     —–     —–     —–     —–



Two nail colors add a festive touch to hands: Soirée, a vintage-looking light bronze gold; and Very Important Platinum, a near gunmetal-tinged platinum with a hint of green, suggesting a bit of tarnish.

The colors fit perfectly with the collection’s theme and mood but, as with most MAC nail lacquers, I found the enamels themselves chipped rather easily and lacked the staying power to merit their price tag.

MAC Nail Lacquer, $13. Available at MACcosmetics.com





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