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Bing Bang by Anna Sheffield Cherokee Geometric Earrings On Sale Now!


Leave it to jewelry designer Anna Sheffield to merge the gritty, industrial qualities associated with metropolises and the colorful, folksy motifs linked to indigenous tribes along the Southwest, thereby creating pieces that appeal to urban cowgirls and city chiefs alike. A New York transplant who originally hails from Northern New Mexico, Sheffield possesses a singular point-of-view and a clean, minimalist aesthetic that cleverly celebrates both her past and present surroundings. 

Her Bing Bang Cherokee Geometric Earrings (pictured above) function as a prime example of this phenomenon. Measuring 5 1/4" in length, the dangle earrings feature interlinked shapes in sterling silver, gunmetal and purple PVD plates. Hammered, gunmetal-colored triangle shapes adorn lobes, each with a slightly convex twist so that the rounded bottom edges curve outward, spreading further apart. Slightly smaller, flattened, gunmetal-colored oval shapes are linked to the bottom edges of the triangles, creating a gradient effect, so that the shapes taper off as the onlooker's gaze moves down from the weare's ear to the shoulder. Three feather-shaped metal plates dangle from the bottom of these oval shapes — one in a plum color; another in a dirty purple hue; and, at the center, a dramatically longer, sword-like shape in hammered sterling silver, with indentations to give the flattened surface a tougher, more weathered feel.

The elongated, elliptical metallic plates along the bottom of the earrings are reminiscent of inverted feather headdresses, while the triangle shapes recall reservation-ready teepees, bringing home the desired indigenous feel. The use of hammered, indented, scratched, and slightly tortured metal, meanwhile, imbues the earrings with a city slick sensibility.

Currently 20% off their original retail price, the Bing Bang Cherokee Geometric Earrings are a great way to evoke the laziness and calm of an Indian Summer —even in the midst of a brutal winter.


Bing Bang by Anna Sheffield Geometric Earrings, $77. Available at Shop.BingBangNYC.com

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