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Chasing The Green — Threadless Introduces 100% Recycled Cotton Canvas Totes








In addition to providing wearable canvases through which up-and-coming artists can showcase their work, Threadless is taking strides to be more active in environmental causes through its choice of fabrics and materials. Its latest green movement: a brand new collection of 100% recycled cotton canvas totes bearing designs by Threadless community members. These canvas bags measure 16″ in height, 10″ in width, and 5.5″ in depth, making them ideal for storing everything from books and laptops to groceries, gym clothes, makeup essentials, and more. In addition to a built-in strap, the totes feature a removable, adjustable strap so you can rock these as messenger bags for days when the load is a bit heftier.

Ten design options are currently available, among them: Swan Song by Ross Zietz, a clever motif that features a musical note that curves at the top to reveal a swan’s neck; Infinity MPG, also by Ross Zietz, a kelly green tote featuring an illustration of a bicycle, hence subtly encouraging people to reduce their carbon footprint by lessening their reliance on gas-chugging vehicular devices; Yeah! by Weston Doty, a natural canvas bag with a black exclamation mark featuring an exuberant, circle-shaped character at the bottom of the punctuation mark; and Vampire Orthodontics by Ilia Ovchkin, an irreverent Pepto pink tote featuring two rows of teeth, with protruding fangs along the upper jaw and metal braces covering all the pearly whites (just picturing Bill Compton with braces makes us giggle).

To check out the full range of bag designs, visit Threadless.com

Threadless 100% Recycled Cotton Canvas Tote, $25. Available at Threadless.com

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