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Combat Sub-Zero Temps And Nasty Slush With The UES “Park” Boot Sneakers


Recently, while discussing winter footwear with a male (and very straight) friend, I made a reference to UGG boots and, in his lovably sarcastic tone, he muttered, “I think the name says it all.” See, we ladies may bicker amongst ourselves about the benefits of the Classic Cardy boots versus the Sundance II style, or debate whether Classic Short boots look better or worse in trendy colors like Artichoke, Orchid Bloom, or Medieval Bloom, but to the male eye, UGG is simply short for “ugly.” Sure enough, if you distance yourself from the UGG mania, temporarily discount the inimitable warmth of the shoes’ sheepskin lining, and then reassess some of the brand’s styles with an objective eye, you’re likely to find the silhouettes unrefined, hulking, and cumbersome, and the color schemes (particularly the unorthodox ones) positively hideous. Truth be told, UGG’s less offensive styles are those with narrower, more streamlined uppers and contoured, weather-proof outsoles (like the Adirondack Tall Boot, for instance), but they often look so utilitarian that their style factor is compromised.

Since, over on the East Coast, it’s been either deathly cold outside (we’re talking sub-zero temperatures when you factor in the wind chill) or snowing in blizzard-like proportions, it’s essential to own a cozy pair of fur-trimmed boots with treaded soles that can help you keep your balance when trekking through snowy and icy terrain. But, when it comes to winter footwear, is there a way to marry fashion and function?

Of course there is! Case in point: the UES Park Boot Sneakers (pictured above). Like all UES footwear, these are infused with a rock-n-roll vibe via the brand’s trademark “shoewelry” accents — in this case, vintage-looking, gold-toned pyramid studs arranged in an hourglass-like fashion along the sides of the uppers. The tough black leather uppers, the embroidered diamond shape along the shaft, the rounded rubber toe cap,the sturdy treaded sole, and the black laces and brassy eyelets all create a combat boot-like effect that’s tough but cheeky. The boot shaft measures 7 1/2″ in height, so your ankles can stay snug like bugs in rugs thanks to the black fur lining.

Though there’s a military vibe to the UES Park Boot Sneakers, there’s also a defiant, rocker-ready edginess to them thanks to the metallic pyramid studs and the overall construction, the way the oversize tongue can be loosened up, made to stick out ever so slightly, hence exposing tufts of black rabbit fur along the upper edges and sides of the tongue.

And, of course, these are designed for maximum comfort, so you’ll feel as quick on your feet as if you were rocking your favorite pair of Dunks.

UES Park Boot Sneakers, $274.95. Visit UESUES.com for a list of online retailers or take advantage of the special low price of $151.22  at Endless.com

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