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Estee Lauder Spring 2011 Wild Violet Collection — Where The Wild Things Are




Though often unappreciated due to their classification as weeds, considered a gardening nuisance, and dubbed lowly and undesirable vis-a-vis more showy blossoms like hydrangeas and orchids, wild violets possess an unheeded beauty. These five-petal blooms feature serrated petals and liven up any lawn with their intense purple hue. As someone who appreciates all the enchanting wonders in nature — from the grandiose beauty of snow-capped mountain formations and waterfalls crashing onto rocky terrains to the marvels of less obvious, more unheralded treasures like a water stain on wood, a hint of rust along the edges of a metal surface, or the grooves of an ephemeral imprint on sand — makeup artist Tom Pecheux can extract the beauty from almost every phenomenon, however seemingly ordinary or extraordinary. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that Estée Lauder’s makeup director turned to the wild violet when envisioning the brand’s Spring 2011 makeup collection.

An ode to the vivacity of spring, the Estée Lauder Spring 2011 Wild Violet collection features lip colors in punchy tangerine, glazed cherry, peachy dailily pink, blood orange, succulent plum, and dragonfruit magenta, either in creamy lipstick or sheer lip gloss forms. The collection’s eye colors, meanwhile, offer a more straight-forward ode to the wild violet, with ecru, sandy beige, and taupe shades mixed with deep purple and ethereal violet colors. Nails, meanwhile, are rife with mystery thanks to the Wild Storm nail color, a charcoal gray color with a metallic sheen.

Check out more detailed photos of the new Pure Color Lipstick shades, Pure Color Lip Gelée hues, and the Pure Color Nail Lacquer, as well as swatches of a select array of colors.




This feathery light lip gloss offers just a wash of sheer color with a long-lasting shine. The Wild Flower collection introduces four new Lip Gelée hues: Electric Pink, Electric Cherry, Electric Violet, and Electric Coral. I tried out two of the new lip gloss colors: Electric Cherry, which gives lips a hint of color like what you’d get after eating a cherry Italian ice treat, and Electric Pink, a Barbie’s car-like, pink topaz color with a crystalline finish.

Check out swatches of the Lip Gelée in Electric Cherry (below, at left) and in Electric Pink (below, right):



Here is another shot of the Lip Gelée in Electric Pink (below, at top) and Electric Cherry (below, at bottom):


Estée Lauder Pure Color Lip Gelée, $20. Available at EsteeLauder.com

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Four new colors were also added to the Pure Color range of lipsticks: Wild Blossom, a soft pink with a hint of golden peach; Wild Coral, a baked terracotta-tinged, reef-ready coral; Wild Violet, an intense rubellite tourmaline purple; and Wild Fire, a reddish orange shade like what you’d find in a calla lily blossom or that of a maple leaf in the advent of autumn.

The Wild Blossom lipstick color is as delicate as a ballerina’s tulle skirt, as exquisite as a slab of pink marble. The lipstick feels indulgently creamy, and the glittery micro-particles give the shade a golden warmth, like dew drops on a peachy pink rose.

Notice how rich and creamy the Wild Blossom lipstick looks on skin:



Here’s a different view of the EL Pure Color Lipstick in Wild Blossom, this time showing more of the golden shimmer in the shade:


Estée Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick, $24. Available at EsteeLauder.com

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But Wild Violet is about more than lush garden finds. It also has a darker, moodier side thanks to the new Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Wild Storm. Inside its bottle, the polish looks similar to Extravagant Night, the dark gray shade released for Holiday 2010, but once you apply it to your nails, you’ll see this shade has much more of a mirrored finish, as opposed to the glittery, starry evening effect of Extravagant Night. Wild Storm is a vivid charcoal gray color, like the most intense gray you’d find in a tornado funnel cloud, but instead of an ashy, sooty, or dirty tint, this color boasts an elegant metallic sheen, giving it a gunmetal-like edge.

Here is what the Estée Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Wild Storm looks like on nails:


This next photo shows more of the Wild Storm shade’s sleek metallic sheen:


Estée Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Wild Storm, $19. Available at EsteeLauder.com

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