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Green Room Thursdays — Melvita Capiforce Split Ends Serum


The notion that split ends can be mended is, unfortunately, nothing more than a hopeful myth. No matter how strongly you harbor the Power of Intention in your approach to repairing damaged tresses, how devoted your Florence Nightingale routine in terms of nursing those ends back to health, once the hair cuticle has been destroyed, there’s no turning back. Think of it as dropping a ceramic dinner plate — one the dish has cracked, you can hold the pieces together and even hot glue them back in place, but the solution will be temporary at best, and there’s no returning to the original state.

The name of the Melvita Capiforce Split Ends Serum, then, may prove misleading, since it suggests that the powerful, moisturizer-packed serum can miraculously reunite permanently split, frayed, dry ends. But, ladies, don’t write this off as some gimmicky hair care product. Sure, it may not restore your hair to some virginal, untouched state, but it does boast a bounty of benefits.

Part of Melvita’s Capiforce range of products, which is devoted to intensive hair repair, this lightweight serum features 100% certified organic ingredients, nearly half of which were derived from organic farming methods. The potent formula features antioxidant-rich botanicals like: argan oil, which boasts a high concentration of Omega 3 and Omega 9 fatty acids, which penetrate the hair follicle and deliver fortifying nutrients, and which help to seal moisture into the hair shaft, minimizing frizz and smoothing hair;  jojoba oil, which  smooths frizzy hair while boosting shine; olive oil, which softens and naturally detangles hair, making it easy to manipulate; and smoothing hemp and camellia oils. Apricot extract and sea beet round out the all-natural formula.

One of my favorite aspects of this product is that it can be applied to damp or dry hair — the latter being of particular note since sometimes you don’t have the time to wash your hair, but you still need to give it a bit of a boost without winding up with dandruff-like flakes or gummy residue. The serum softens hair almost immediately and if you focus on the ends for a bit, you’ll notice it’s much easier to run your fingers through your mane. The serum won’t bind split ends, of course, but it will reduce minimize the frizziness and static that accompanies hair breakage, cleverly camouflaging split ends and making your mane appear healthier and more voluptuous. Thanks to the antioxidants in the formula, the Split Ends Serum will also protect healthier strands from any potential damage.

So, while the Split Ends Serum may not fully restore hair cuticles to their original state, it does the next best thing: stop the bleeding (metaphorically speaking), dress the wounds, and contain the problem.

Melvita Capiforce Split Ends Serum, $24. Available at USA.Melvita.com

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