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Meet The One — Jeffrey Campbell’s One-O-One Wedges, That Is!








Jeffrey Campbell‘s audacious, unapologetic, forward-thinking, bravado-filled footwear designs make me weak in the knees. I scoured cyberspace for a pair of The Tick Tribal wedges (I eventually got ’em!); practically fainted at the sight of the Lita lace-up platform booties (I ended up scoring a pair in a tan tapestry-like print); jumped on the Exam NS wedges as soon as they went on sale; strapped my feet into the Genius wedge boots, with their oversize brass buckles and cut-out center strip and peep toe; and gifted myself to a pair of Two-Toned Wedge boots for Christmas. And that’s just some of the shoes I’ve recently added to my wardrobe — a quick tour through my closet will reveal countless boxes labeled “Jeffrey Campbell” or “Kelsi Dagger.”

When I saw the new One-O-One shoes from JC, then, my eyes were ready to pop out like something out of an episode of The Ren & Stimpy Show, but the overtones were way more amorous — think Pepé Le Pew at the sight of Penelope the cat. The wedges are embellished with thin leather straps in contrasting colors, all stitched onto the uppers for a seamless effect and running from one side of the shoe to the next, wrapping around even the heel, and arranged in a steady row for a straight jacket-like effect. Boasting a built-in 1″ hidden platform and a 4″ heel, the One-O-One wedge’s straps feature alternating brass buckles in oval and square shapes.

The One-O-One shoes are available in a khaki linen-like fabric with chestnut brown leather straps, in a mahogany leather brown with black straps, and in black leather with black straps. For an even bolder look, you can check out the One-O-One Fur shoes, which feature soft faux fur, leopard print uppers and black leather straps. The buckled straps recall the unforgettable Edward Scissorhands ensemble, but the rounded toe and hefty covered platform reference ’70s disco style, and the excellent construction ads polish to the silhouette.

Hey, even if you haven’t met “The One,” at least you can say you’ve met the One-O-One!

Jeffrey Campbell One-O-One Shoes, $134.95; and Jeffrey Campbell Fur One-O-One Shoes in Leopard, $154.95. Available at Solestruck.com


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