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NATIVE(X) Wool Scarves — A Southwestern Sensation




Add a little Southwestern flavor to your ensemble without looking like you’re taking a cue from Wilson Phillips’ eponymous debut album by wrapping your neck with one of NATIVE(X)‘s unisex scarves. Made from Pendleton Woolen Mills’ 100% pure virgin wool, the scarves feature patterns that nod to classic Native American weavings — from Navajo rugs in sepia tones, auburn reds, earthy maize yellows, burnt oranges, oak and walnut browns, and fern and forest greens; to the type of chevron-like, slanted patterns seen in ancient Zuni blankets and textiles; and the pictorial and geometric motifs worked into Apache baskets and trays.

Founded by Mac Bishop, NATIVE(X) seeks to heighten the public’s appreciation for Native American art and fashion. In fact, the proceeds from the sale of the brand’s debut scarf collection will be funneled into new projects which will involve selling goods made by Native American artisans throughout the U.S. and highlighting the stories behind these creations.

Pictured above are some of the NATIVE(X) winter scarves. I had a chance to check out the Dryden scarf (pictured second from top), which measures 128″ in length, so you can wrap it around your neck multiple times, wear it as as a sash around your waist, or even make a head scarf or turban with it. Since the wool fabric is untreated, it can feel a bit itchy at first, so I’d suggest washing it gingerly before looping it around your neck. The frayed edges along the sides of the scarf and the black threads dangling along the bottom like pint-sized fringe give the piece a folksy vibe.The brown leather label sewn onto the scarf adds a dash of sophistication while remaining consistent with the piece’s Western motif.

More traditional options include the Kinzel, Sage and Thurston scarf styles, which measure 62″ in length and 5″ in width, as well as 3″ of fringe along the ends. With its “X” shapes and sunburst-like, diamond-shaped patterns— not to mention the gradient color scheme, with its tie-dye-esque feel — the Kinzel scarf turns up the gypsy charm, making it one of our faves.

Best of all, the NATIVE(X) scarves are completely affordable, with price points ranging from $22-$35. Visit TheNATIVEX.com for more details.

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