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Seeing Red — MAC Stylishly Yours Collection


Timidity went out the minute they the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve —or, depending on what city you live in, when the the possum, acorn, peach, pickle, or, uhm, Snooki hit the ground at midnight. For Spring 2011, pump up the volume with your makeup choices, moving to the coloratura soprano range in terms of color and intensity. Burlesque-meets-Culture Club reds, cheeky fuchsias, and electric coral oranges are married with dramatic, curtain-ready burgundy, velvety blacks, and high-voltage violets worthy of Milla Jovovich’s character’s tresses in Ultraviolet for added contrast.

The MAC Stylishly Yours collection features operatic lipstick hues, pigments and cream colors that pack as much kick as a troop of can-can dancers. Below,you’ll find a breakdown of the products in the collection, along with swatches of a few choice items.




The Stylishly Yours collection features four lipstick hues: Something New, a punchy, pink sunflower color with an all-over luster; Neon Orange, a creamy, crisp red-orange reminiscent of Franka Potente’s hair color in Run Lola Run; Cockney, a sheer yellow-toned red; and Style Curve, a bright violet purple.


Below, you’ll find swatches of the Something New and Neon Orange lipstick shades:



Here’s another glance at the Something New (below, at top) and Neon Orange (below, at bottom) lipstick colors:


MAC Stylishly Yours Lipsticks, $14.50 each. Available at MACcosmetics.com



True to the no-holds-barred spirit of the Stylishly Yours collection, pressed eye shadows have been replaced with extra concentrated loose pigments in flashy hues. These pigments can be swept over lids for a ravenous look, used to line eyes for unexpected drama, or mixed with lip conditioners or Rosebud Salve and dabbed onto lips.

Below are close-up of the four hues in the collection, along with swatches of two of them.

Follow Your Fancy


Though described as a coral color, Follow Your Fancy captures the pinkish curves of a fuzzy apricot fruit, the lovely feathers of a peach-faced, green lovebird, and the warmth of a sunset sky. Tiny white pearl particles make the shade even more sumptuous and seductive.

Take a look at what the pigment looks like on skin:





This loose violet pigment reminds me of the infamous, sheer, heavily embellished, one-sleeved jumpsuit Lil Kim wore to the 1999 MTV Awards, when she famously exposed her breast, covering her nipple with a sparkling, seashell-shaped adhesive pastie.


New Fixation


This bright fuchsia-meets-red color reminds me of the Brash & Bold pigment from the Makeup Art collection, though New Fixation has more of a raspberry tint to it. It’s the color you imagine most red satin gowns or evening heels to be — like maybe the Roland Mouret number Heidi Klum wore to the 2009 Academy Awards.

Check out a swatch of the New Fixation pigment:



Here’s what the pigment looks like from a different angle, when less light is hitting it directly:


Madly Personal


This bright pink shade is a must-have for girl punk band lovers, Marilyn Monroe aficionados, and Barbie collectors alike.

MAC Stylishly Yours Pigments, $19.50 each. Available at MAC Cosmetics.com



Only recently have I discovered how much I love MAC’s Cream Colour Bases. These creamy darlings are so richly pigmented that a soft sweep across their surface will deliver a surge of blendable color to fingertips. The multi-purpose colors can be blended onto cheeks, swept over lids for a subtler tint, or applied to lips for a stained effect. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of the four Cream Colour Base shades in the collection.


Virgin Isle



This shade is like a mix of Ruby Red Grapefruit juice, a fistful of Meiji apricot gummy candy, salmon sushi, and peach cobbler, but the creamy texture makes any pastel-like tones appear a bit damper and fresher, glistening ever so lightly.

Tickle Me Pink


This shade captures the perkiness of a pink poppy bloom, ideal for giving cheeks a blushed tint.

Movie Star Red


Though this shade looks like an intoxicating wine red in its case, when applied to the skin, it transforms into a subtler, frostier shade, like that of a cherry popsicle or a young azalea flower with a light, bluish red color.

Madly Magenta


This pinkish purple cream color just screams Nicki Minaj — in fact, one of her wigs (the one she wore to the Atlanta Pride Weekend concert) is a similar shade.


I tried out two of the Cream Colour Base shades in the collection, Movie Star Red and Virgin Isle. Check out swatches of them here:



Here’s the Virgin Isle and Movie Star Red Cream Colour Base hues from a different angle:



MAC Stylishly Yours Cream Colour Bases, $16.50 each. Available at MACcosmetics.com





With all the sparkle and full-on color in this collection, there needs to be something to temper the spectacle, if only because the drama works best when staged against a flat black or similarly obscure backdrop. The two Fluidline gel eye liners in the collection, then, are Black Track, a slick ebony shade, and Dark Diversion, a blackened plum with a ripened brownish tint.

Check out the bruised plum effect of the Dark Diversion Fluidline shade:



Here’s another look at the Dark Diversion Fluidline shade:



 MAC Stylishly Yours Fluidlines, $15 each. Available at MACcosmetics.com

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