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Strut Your Stuff With MAC’s Peacocky Collection



Think humans are the only species of animal that shows off when attempting to attract potential mates? Wrong! It turns out even members of the bird kingdom are prone to bouts of ostentatiousness and gregariousness — all as part of a biological imperative to speed up copulation. As part of their courtship, male peacocks fan out their regal tails, showing off iridescent feathers in green, blue, purple, brown, and gray tones, all of which are spotted with “eye” details in contrasting hues. The peacocks’ bravado is more than merited — after all, even we humans find ourselves seduced by their luminous plumage. We seek to recreate the vivaciousness of these feathers’ colors when doing our makeup and choosing our garments, hoping to become more beautiful and luminous in the eyes of our own male counterparts. The sexualized, dramatic, ritualized act of a peacock fanning out its feathers, the electricity imbued into its plumage, and the spellbinding nature of the spectacle all inspired MAC’s Peacocky collection.

The Peacocky collection features twelve shades of Kissable Lipcolour, creamy colors that comfortably coat lips, infusing them with more sheen than your average lipstick but featuring a non-sticky, velvety texture thanks to a new esatomer technology; as well as fifteen shades of Mega Metal Shadow, highly pigmented powder eye shadows with a light, velvety texture and more of an even glimmer than a new pair of chrome wheels.

Establish your place in the beauty pecking order with this exotic collection!

Keep on reading for more product photos, swatches of selected shades, and a sample look created using some pieces from the collection.





This is no Dirty Dozen— the twelve Kissable Lipcolour hues in this collection look like molten lipsticks when applied. They pack more pigment and have a creamier texture than your average lip gloss, but they’re significantly lighter than any ordinary lipstick and pack way more shine (without resorting to glittery particles to obtain this sheen). The sponge tip applicator makes gliding color onto your pout extra comfortable, and there’s none of the sticky, tacky, drying texture that can often impair the otherwise stellar performance of Lipglass glosses.

The Kissable Lipcolour shades in the collection are:

  • Enchantée: a light blue pink
  • Woo Me: a light pink-tinged nude
  • So Vain: a muted, slightly muddied coral
  • Vanity Fair: a mid-tone, hydrangea-worthy blue pink
  • Exxxhibitionist: a mid-tone coral with brick red undertones
  • Strut Your Stuff: a true red
  • Scandelicious: a cool fuchsia
  • Peacocky: a deep sky blue with red pearl
  • Super: a toffee-like nude
  • Temper Tantra: a mid-tone reddish brown reminiscent of baked clay
  • Flaunting It: a moody, sooty, gray mauve
  • Love Peck: a vampire-worthy, slightly goth-flavored blood red

I was fortunate enough to try four Kissable Lipcolour shades: Super, Exxxhibitionist, Temper Tantra and Scandelicious. I loved the way the Temper Tantra color resembled baked clay, but mixed with a creamy russet color and a cool flesh tone. The Scandelicious color is a knockout, capturing the juicy fuchsia interior of a ripe piece of dragonfruit but amplifying the color for a more theatrical effect. The Exxxhibitionist shade, meanwhile, is a frosty coral color that leans towards a cooler, earthier side of the spectrum, as opposed to the punchy pinks we’ve been seeing so frequently over the last year.

Below, check out swatches of the Kissable Lipcolour in (from left to right) Super, Exxxhibitionist, Temper Tantra, and Scandelicious:



Here’s another view of the Kissable Lipcolour in the shades (from top to bottom) Scandelicious, Temper Tantra, Exxxhibitionist, and Super:


MAC Kissable Lipcolour, $18. Available at MACcosmetics.com





Next up, we have the Mega Metal Shadow colors in the collection. Before delving into the fifteen colors in the Peacocky range, let’s start by describing the shadows themselves. Now, you may have experimented with MAC’s satin, veluxe pearl, and frost eye shadows, but these feature a novel formulation: they have an all-over metallic sheen that makes the colors feel like a testament to the interference phenomenon discussed in physics, but there are no grainy pearl particles in contrasting shades to take away from the Mega Metal Shadows’ refined feel. The result is edgy and electrifying, but always elegant.

The Mega Metal Shadow hues in the collection are:

  • Peek-at-You: a frosted, anemone-worthy, yellow-ish white
  • Dalliance: a light champagne
  • Prance: a frosted, mauve- and violet-tinged, dirty pearl white
  • Top of the Posh: a frosted, pale mauve pink
  • Tweet Me: a cumin- and gold-tinged bronze
  • Mating Call: a dirty, frosted violet
  • Odalisque: a deep, greenish teal
  • Sexpectations: a metallic, Merlot-esque burgundy
  • Paparazz-she: a deep copper bronze
  • Ego: a dark, mysterious forest green
  • Noir Plum: a regal purple with silver pearl
  • Dandizette: a moody, grayish navy blue with a silvery finish
  • Spectacle of Yourself: a deep bronzed brown
  • Centre Stage: a frosted, chocolate-y brown
  • Unflappable: an asphalt-like black with purple pearl

I tried the Dandizette, Noir Plum, and Prance Mega Metal Shadows and fell head over heels for all three shades, particularly since they work so well together. The Noir Plum has this lovely transformative quality, changing from a true purple to an electrifying ultra violet depending on the lighting source. The Dandizette shade, meanwhile, is positively revolutionary, fusing together charcoal, indigo, navy, and silver tones for the ultimately moody blue shade.

Below, you’ll find swatches of the Mega Metal Shadows in (from left to right) Dandizette, Noir Plum, and Prance:



Here are swatches of the Prance, Noir Plum and Dandizette Mega Metal Shadows from another vantage point:


Next, you can check out a look I created using the Dandizette, Noir Plum and Prance shades. I started out by applying Prance all over the lids and up to the brow bone, then brushed the Noir Plum on lids. Next, I added the Dandizette color from the center of lids to the outer corners. Last, I reapplied the Prance shade along the crease, blending thoroughly.



This next photo showcases the look in greater detail:


MAC Mega Metal Shadow, $19.50. Available at MACcosmetics.com


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