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Winifred Grace Spring 2011 Jewelry Collection — A Saving Grace




Eight years since its launch, Chicago-based jewelry brand Winifred Grace continues to seamlessly tread the line between primal and polished, with nods to indigenous art and culture, references to colors and motifs found in nature, and seemingly unfinished, rustic-looking materials and design touches. The Winifred Grace Spring 2011 jewelry collection, for example, incorporates oxidized silver chain strands, amber resin beads, rugged chocolate brown leather, cylindrical brass rods and spear-shaped charms, African beads, and waxed linen wrapped around elongated bars or stitched onto leather materials.

The arrowhead- and spear-shaped brass charms dangling from the corners of a pair of 2.5"-long diamond-shaped brass rod earrings (pictured after the jump) recall Native American weaponry, while a rod wrapped in waxed linen running across the earrings' hollow center adds a rustic twist. Similarly, a statement-making necklace made of oxidized silver chains in staggered lengths (pictured third, after the jump) features slim brass rods, some with a vintage-looking metallic sheen and others wrapped in a muddy brown waxed linen, as well as rounded, arrow-shaped charms — all looped at different intervals along each chain strand and yielding a sleek, tribal chic look.

The use of leather in the collection is particularly ingenious —just look at the way an untreated, chocolate brown leather slice adorns the center of a 2"-wide brass cuff (pictured third from top), with haphazard waxed linen stitches running vertically across the center of the leather slab and wrapping around the upper and lower ridges, keeping the leather securely in place, for a crafty effect. Another favorite is a pair of 2.75"-long earrings in a triangle shape, with oxidized silver chains along the slanted sides and a ruffled strip of curved, accordion-esque brown leather adorning the bottom ridge.

But the queen of this ball is the necklace pictured at top, a 19"-long piece featuring large, amber-colored resin beads with a lengthy strip of brown leather, itself featuring wood-like colors, slithering between and below each bead in a wave-like pattern. Slim brass charms dangle from in between each bead, adding a bit of toughness to the design.

The collection should be hitting the Winifred Grace site soon, so stay tuned and check out the credits below for estimated retail prices on the pieces shown here.


Pictured above, from top: resin bead necklace with brown leather and brass accents, $300; 35mm oxidized sterling silver hoop earrings with African trading beads, $175; brown leather and brass cuff with stitched waxed linen details, $150; and oxidized sterling silver earrings with ruffled brown leather, $115.

Pictured below, from top to bottom: brass rod earrings with waxed linen detail and brass drop charms, $155; brown leather and brass rods bracelet, $225; and necklace with cascading strands of oxidized silver chains with brass rods and charm accents, $644.




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