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Hair Gets Musical At threeASFOUR Fall 2011 Show




“Experimental” and “eccentric” don’t seem to suffice when describing the threeASFOUR Spring 2011 collection, a musical odyssey via fashion that translated as peculiar and decidely unorthodox but lacked the asbtruseness necessary to catapult the show to surreal heights. This season, designers Adi, Ange and Gabi tipped their proverbial hats to a string orchestra’s worth of instruments, with pieces like leather jackets with rounded front panels meant to replicate the curves of a cello’s belly, halter dresses with a web of criss-crossing threads tying the neck collar to the bodice, and a striped, black hooded jacket with kimono-like sleeves and a thick, obi-style belt adorned with a violin motif at its center.

To properly harmonize with these musically minded garments, Sebastian Professional lead stylist Thomas Dunkin created sculptural hair looks that mirrored the curves and shapes of musical instruments — particularly guitars, harps, and violins. Model’s tresses, then, were parted toward the front, so that a large section of hair would drape over one eye, then curve along the side of the head in a half-moon shape,

Dunkin started by dampening hair and blowing it straight, spritzing on Sebastian Professional Shine Define to give the hair luster and protect it from thermal tools’ often damaging heat, next taking out a flat iron and working through hair until it was pin straight. Once hair had been straightened, Dunkin separated a big, asymmetric section of hair from the front of the head, just below the occipital bone, brushing it forward and pinning aside. The remaining hair was worked into an ultra-tight ponytail at the back of the head. To give the look a graphic, bold edge, he applied a hefty dose of Sebastian Professional Liquid Steel to the sides of the head, hence ensuring that the hair retained its slick, wet look.

Next, he combed the front section of hair, sweeping it over and across one eye, curving it to the back, and fastening it with a bobby pin. For the most dramatic effect, Dunkin tried to make the curved shape as large as possible, so that a sizable amount of skin would be visible inside the resulting circle’s diameter. He saturated hair with Sebastian Professional Shaper Fierce hairspray to give the look hold and longevity.

It’s pitch-perfect hair for a symphony-minded collection!

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